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Aberdeen Pit Bull ban did not pass!

December 13, 2012

dog_with_boneThis last Monday the Aberdeen City Council met in their regular meeting. At this meeting the pit bull ban failed by a vote of 3-6. I’m glad the city council saw reason and understood that breed specific legislation does not work. This is a local victory for reason and liberty!

However, at the same time it is essential for dog owners to act responsible. It has been pointed out before that dog attacks and dog biting has a root cause of the owners actions. In order to keep council-members like Bunsness from repeatedly bringing this issue forth pet owners must be responsible.

Instead of going on a long rant I’ll re-post the conclusions of the NCRC:

We have always known the cause of dog bite injuries

From the first dog bite study published more than 50 years ago until today, the conclusions and recommendations of the researchers have shared a lot in common.

 ”This study of the epidemiology of dog bites would seem to indicate that human factors are more important than environmental factors in the genesis of dog bites.”

– Henry M. Parrish, 1959

 ”Education programs aimed at influencing the behavior of pet owners, particularly with respect to the responsibilities of ownership, would do much to reduce the magnitude of the problems.”

– H. Michael Maetz, 1975

 ”Poor owner control blamed for increase in dog bites.”

– Washington Post, 1975

 ”The growing problem of dog control can only be solved if dog owners realize their responsibilities as pet owners.”

– Lancaster Farming, 1978

 ”Efforts to prevent severe dog bites should be focused primarily at the level of the owner.”

– John C. Wright, 1985

 ”Generic non-breed-specific dangerous dog laws can be enacted that place primary responsibility for a dog’s behavior on the owner . . . In particular, targeting chronically irresponsible down owners may be effective.”

– Jeffrey J. Sacks, et al, 2000

 ”The dog bite problem is not a disease problem with a single vector; it is a complex societal issue that must address a wide range of human behaviors in ways that deal with irresponsible behavior that puts people and animals at risk.”

– Randall Lockwood, 2007

 If we want better outcomes in our communities, we need to promote responsible pet ownership: the humane care, custody and control of all dogs.

So please, pet owners be responsible. Without responsible pet owners its only a matter of time before a meaningless pet ban will be passed. And then one more shred of liberty is lost.

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