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President Obama just signed 23 Executive Orders pertaining to gun control

January 16, 2013


Updated: These Executive Orders were actually “Executive Actions“. If you want to see the 23 Executive Orders Actions, the Wall Street Journal has posted the list on their website.

President Obama just concluded a short Press Conference that he ended with him signing a package of 23 Executive Orders pertaining to gun control. The problem is he never actually stated what these Executive Orders contain. But he did make sure to sit in front of a group of children when signing them; so I guess that makes it OK?

Two items mentioned during this short press conference have been talking points for quite some time:

  1. President Obama wants a background check on all gun purchases.
  2. President Obama wants a ban on military type rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Obama stated every reason for the 2nd amendment, except the reason it was actually created: insurance against corrupt government. But I’m sure that omission was accidental…

The White House website showing previous Executive Orders has nothing about today’s 23 items. I guess we will have to wait until the President feels voters are ready to actually read his Executive Orders. That is unless these Executive Orders are done in the form of a Presidential directive, in which case they can be deemed “classified”.

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