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Free Comic Book Day 2013 – You can reconnect with this classic free speech medium digitally

May 4, 2013

FCBD_nodateEach year the first Saturday in May is celebrated as Free Comic Book Day. This day is used by the comic book industry to promote a truly wonderful literature medium. Over the years I have found many free thinkers to either be comic book fans or have been fans of them in the past. This makes sense. The world of comic books (just as with other forms of fiction) allows readers to learn about new concepts in entertaining scenarios. It’s the ability to learn new concepts that has always made comic books great.

As time goes on many people seem to ‘outgrow’ their love of comics. However I have met more than a few that stopped reading comics for two other reasons: the cost and availability. Both of these common problems are being addressed by modern technology.

First there is a service called Comixology that has an excellent comic book reader with all of the major titles (Marvel, DC, Image, etc…) available for purchase and download. Comixology also has a selection of free titles available, including extra free titles just for Free Comic Book Day. The Comixology reader is quite nice. Sometimes you can catch some titles on sale for a pretty decent price in their store.

Another option is the Netflix-like digital comic book service ComicBin. Currently ComicBin has hundreds of comics available to read for the low price of $8.99 per month. It’s a great option for those wanting to discover or reconnect to this great form of literature. During the weekend of Free Comic Book day ComicBin has allowed anyone to read from their library for free!

An important aspect of free speech is getting concepts and ideas spread by every medium possible. Comic books are a medium that combines writing with art in a way that many find entertaining. Now, thanks to the digital world, comic books are available to a wider audience. I invite everyone with even a small interest in comics to take advantage of free digital comics available. You may find them to be more enjoyable than you expect.

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