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3D printed plastic gun has successfully fired

May 6, 2013

Last week I blogged about the fact technology was making gun control efforts almost irrelevant. This week a large milestone has been achieved towards that end. Defense Distributed as part of their ‘wiki weapon’ project has successfully fired The Liberator, a 3D-printed gun. The video below shows this weapon being fired.

Looking at the WikiWep DevBlog it does appear that only the firing pin was unable to be manufactured from the plastic 3D printer. It also appears that only the first shot is likely to work with the weapon due to receiver damage. However, these were both expected possibilities with the project. Below is a picture of the parts used for this gun.


Wiki Weapon photo provided by Defense Distributed

The single shot fired from this fairly cheaply printed weapon show how irrelevant the current gun control debate is. There is simply no way for the government to stop these weapons from being created and distributed. I expect Congress will try to outlaw these weapons. But there again, we are back to creating criminals out of citizens who simply want a means to protect their families.

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