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Hold political leaders accountable, ESPECIALLY if they are on your side!

May 15, 2013

rpzboray_ostrichIt’s that time again, the White House is entwined in a series of scandals and attacks from opposition. This has happened during every administration in my lifetime. It doesn’t matter if its Republican or Democrat, the results are always the same. The opposing side will latch on to each little scandal, mistake, misstep, or bit of confusion. These situations allow the opposition to show how the current administration is the most corrupt evil ever!

Then the supporters of the current administration will step in. They will say things such as “but President X isn’t as bad as President Y was, that guy was really evil!”. That’s the point I get pissed off during these events. Is that really how a political party wants to be represented? Is being “not as bad as the other guy” the attributes people should strive for and count upon in leadership?

There is only one way to stop this never-ending cycle (which will continue when a Republican becomes the next President). People within each party must hold their leaders accountable for all actions! Let me repeat that: People within each party must hold their leaders accountable for all actions! The two parties do not “balance” each other like people think they do. For political leaders to truly change their ways it is up to their supporters to let it be know when something is wrong. This means uber-partisan supporters must be honest and forthcoming when their elected officials do something wrong. These very same uber-partisan supporters must also be honest with themselves. They must acknowledge their bias and try to determine if they are being blinded by their support for a cause; as opposed to supporting what they actually believe in. Then these supporters must hold their leaders accountable to their individual morals and beliefs.

Sadly I don’t see this changing within the two parties anytime soon (There are some notable exceptions on both sides, but sadly they are outliers; it is too early to call these outliers a ‘trend’).  Apparently people are OK with politicians that are “not as bad as the other guy”.

Another avenue for the future is the current trend of people leaving the two big parties. Modern voters are registering  as Independent and vote that way. If this happens enough we will start to see real change in politics. If nothing else it may force the two parties to reconnect with their bases.



Part of me feels I should have kept my original working title for this post: Grow some frakkin balls you partisan pansies!

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