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The highlight of Obama’s presser today was the chirping birds

May 16, 2013

podiumEarlier today the White House had a press conference with President Obama and Turkey Prime Minister Erdoğan. In this presser Obama and Erdoğan summarized their talk for the next steps to take in Syria. There were also a few unrelated items asked by the press.

The presser got off to a shaky start. President Obama and PM Erdoğan were forty-five minutes late. I can understand they may have been held up; but someone in the White House could have come out and said “Sorry folks, the President and PM are being held up and should be here in about X minutes”. Instead there was 45 minutes of chirping birds and reporters getting rained on.

As for Syria, both Obama and Erdoğan agree that Assaad has to go. When speaking of chemical weapons Obama brought up a great point: chemical weapons are not the only way harm has been inflicted upon the people in Syria. Yes, chemical weapons are deplorable. But so is shooting, bombing, or any other number of ways to inflict death. I was hoping a reporter would ask if that applies to the United States. His own administration has a policy stating drone strikes can be used to kill Americans on American soil. True that hasn’t been done. But President Obama is condemning a Assaad for carrying out the same power the White House claims to have itself. Sadly this part of the story will be overlooked by the mainstream media.

Benghazi came up as a subject during the press Q&A session. The President acted like a good Democrat Republican when he insisted more money was needed from Congress to prevent these situations in the future. It almost seemed like the President was saying our Defense spending was too low; and our low spending on Defense is to blame for Benghazi. Really? I wonder if his fellow Democrat’s in Congress will back up that assertion?

Obama refused to answer in-depth about the IRS scandal. He also would not go on record to say nobody in the White House knew about this situation. In fact the staff at Reason247 picked up on something I missed:


I’m looking at the presser from Obama yesterday and I see the same situation. His words have been chosen very carefully. I have always assumed the White House was unaware of the IRS actions (mostly because the IRS wouldn’t want it leaked). Now it’s looking more suspicious.

On the AP scandal the President had very little to say. In fact he would only speak in broad terms and that “I don’t make apologies”. Here again Obama insinuated this was an issue for Congress to deal with in legislation. Supposedly more laws must be passed to protect citizens from the government abusing its power. Huh? I thought the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were setup just for that reason. I guess these documents have become out of fashion in DC.

Overall the non-Syria portions of the presser seemed to have one common subtle theme: Congress is to blame, not the White House. Taking that into account I think the best part of the presser came during its first 45 minutes when the following was said: “Chirp, chirp, chirp”.


PS. Isn’t it odd that a Marine would be acting as an umbrella holder? I understand they are there for security and it is an honor. But, I think an intern could have been utilized to hold the umbrellas. Let the marines stand in a a dignified (and impressive looking) stance. Maybe its just me that sees things that way.

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