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Federal government will not be able to stop the Open Carry March on Washington

May 19, 2013

liberteAs I posted early this morning, liberty activist Adam Kokesh was arrested yesterday. I thought it appropriate to look at why he is being attacked by the Federal Government. The event he was arrested at was a rally against the federal prohibition of marijuana, and there were people in attendance smoking banned substances. However Adam had not actually used any drugs as part of this disobedience (it appears he had planned to, but they didn’t give him a chance). He was arrested for “resisting arrest”. But what is the real reason for his arrest. The answer is simple: federal law enforcement officials are hoping to stop an open carry event that has been scheduled for Independence Day.

The Open Carry March on Washington is being promoted through the hashtag #OpenCarry130704. Information about this event can be found on the AdamVsTheMan website and the Facebook event for this planned civil disobedience. It should be noted that this event will be well-choreographed and there will be no resistance to anything done by law enforcement officials. I’ve seen it insinuated in the mainstream media news that those in attendance “will resist no matter what”. This simply is not true. There will be no aggression at this event that will begin with the participants.

It’s quite obvious that the Obama administration and law enforcement in DC do not want this event to happen. The arrest of Mr. Kokesh yesterday looks like an attempt to shut down the event before it can even be fully planned. This approach by the federal government will fail. Government officials (along with some mainstream media sources) seem to be believe this event revolves around Mr. Kokesh. What they fail to realize is that Adam simply got the ball rolling by providing some logistic planning and marketing of the idea. Mr. Kokesh could be kept in jail for the next few months and it would not stop the event. This event simply is not about Adam.

Liberty is the purpose of this event. Those marching with weapons as part of the civil disobedience will be making a statement that unconstitutional attacks on the 2nd amendment is not OK. If this procession is stopped, it will show the government cares more about controlling its citizens than upholding the 2nd amendment and freedom of speech. Throwing the organizer of this event into jail does nothing to stop people wanting to show their support for liberty. 

To that end I would suggest anyone looking for a truly patriotic way to celebrate Independence Day show up in Virginia this July and take part in the event. If you do not feel comfortable marching with a weapon that is OK. Every liberty-loving individual is welcome to attend and support the cause.

One final thought: do not trust what you may have heard about this event in the media. The mainstream media has been passing a lot of bad information about the event. Instead go to the AVTM website, the Facebook event, or watch the video below of Adam speaking to misinformation about this event.


PS. Right now I hope to join this event (if I can change my Independence Day plans and still keep the wife/kids happy). I am not sure yet if I will attend as a participant or a supporter. 

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