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Adam Kokesh charged with felony assault on an officer

May 20, 2013


Update: Here is a link to the complaint signed by the Park Ranger being used to charge Adam.

Today Adam Kokesh was able to go in front of a federal judge after being arrested for resisting arrest this last Saturday. There is very little information available. Here is a post by Lucas on the Adam Kokesh Facebook page:

Adam has appeared in front of a judge and from the looks of it he is in good health… He remained silent throughout the entire process not even speaking to the lawyer that I coordinated with earlier… He has a detention hearing scheduled for Thursday at 13:30… The reason for the detention hearing is because Adam will not speak on if he owns fire arms or his address. More to come. – Lucas Jewell

Below is a video of an eye-witness after today’s hearing:

According to this video he was charged with felony assault on an officer. Huh? As I stated in my post yesterday he was arrested for “resisting arrest”. Now it appears they are adding the charge of assaulting an officer. There are a couple of problems with both of these charges that can be confirmed with multiple cell-phone videos of the event. First, the officers charged in and grabbed him. Second he did not resist at all. He kept his hands out in a “I surrender” motion. Nowhere in any of the continuous footage does it show Adam actively resisting or assaulting any law enforcement official.

We also learn in the above video that Adam will continue to be detained until his hearing on Thursday. The reasoning behind being denied is on the “basis of excessive drug use”. Apparently it doesn’t matter he wasn’t actually using any controlled substances when arrested. There is also no proof of this “excessive drug use”. However little things like facts and due process are meaningless in many federal courts. We will see if they allow bail on Thursday.

It is not surprising that he is being charged with felony assault of an officer. Many believe he was arrested to hinder and/or stop the Open Carry March on Washington this upcoming Independence Day. I believe the federal officials involved are betting that charging him with a felony will prevent him from taking part in the march as an armed participant. Now we will just have to see how the federal prosecutor can proceed with a lot of evidence showing Adam is not guilty of either resisting arrest or assaulting an officer.

  1. Bree S.
    May 20, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Unbelievable what they will stoop to.

    • Ken Santema
      May 20, 2013 at 10:02 pm

      I was talking to people about this today. They thought I was talking about a movie, couldn’t believe it was reality.

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