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Can the Republican Party rebrand itself?

May 31, 2013

The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a new ad campaign that seems to be fighting against the “Party of No” label that was given to them during the last campaign. To this end the following video was released:

This video was simply labeled “Yes”. I think having Senator Rand Paul and Senator Marco Rubio a prominent portion of the video is a good idea. And having a positive ‘vibe’ is something the party needs.

The only downside I see is this: most of the party is NOT Senator Paul or Senator Rubio. In order for such a marketing campaign to be effective the actual party members must learn to embrace the liberty-focused portion of the party. This portion of the party is more in sync with the party platform than most “regular” Republican politicians. Voters also seem to relate better with this ‘new’ breed of Republican (I say ‘new’, but actually its just a return to limited-government roots). A new positive marketing campaign will have very little impact if the party doesn’t actually make cultural changes within itself. 

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