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FDA says French cheese has gouda go

June 20, 2013

mimolette cheese

The FDA is at it again: overstepping their bounds just because they can. The latest case of the FDA taking itself too seriously has this bureaucracy holding about a ton of mimolette cheese at a New Jersey warehouse. Mimolette cheese is made in France and it also happens to be one of my favorites. I’ve always found it to have a mild taste, but a very nice butterscotchish after-taste (that may not be a real word, but its best description I can think of). What would the FDA possibly have against a cheese that has existed for hundreds of years and been imported to the US for at least dozens of years? The answer is simple: someone at the FDA apparently found out mites are used to create this masterpiece cheese.

The FDA has been very quiet and ambiguous about holding the cheese in a New Jersey warehouse. Some people can have mild allergic reactions to mites, thus the reason they are holding this cheese. However there is no guideline, nor should there be, about how many mites are ‘safe’. Since most cheeses use mites (both intentionally and unintentionally) to age, any step taken by the FDA has implications for all foreign and domestic cheese makers. Holding this cheese is the possible first step of industry-killing forthcoming regulations.

It is quite ironic this foreign cheese is being held up by a government bureaucracy because the very beginnings of this cheese were political. Here is a section from the NPR story on this last month:

Ironically, de Vitton notes that Mimolette itself is rumored to have been created because of import issues in the 17th century. “The French were at war with Holland, and the king didn’t want any more Dutch Gouda coming to France. So he asked to create kind of the same cheese.”

For more on this story I would watch the video below released by CATO in an accompanying post yesterday.

After watching the video it is hard to comprehend any reason the FDA would be taking this step. Maybe the FDA is trying to show it has too much time (and money) on its hand; thus we need to cut this bureaucratic nightmare of a government division to the bones.


PS: To assist those fighting this battle stop by the Facebook pages for Save the mimolette and Cheesetique (Jill Erber from the CATO video owns this company).

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