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Obamacare supporters use the defense of “its the law”, yet ignore unlawful implementation

July 3, 2013
Chess King by George Hodan

Chess King by George Hodan

When “debating” Obamacare, defenders of this crony-capitalistic approach to socialized health-care will often say “Its the law”. By saying “Its the law” I guess they think that makes any argument against Obamacare null and void. This must mean Obamacare supporters have never thought any other law was bad or worth fighting against. By using this very defense I think Obamacare supporters must be appalled at some of the unlawful steps taken during implementation. I mean if “it’s the law” is truly a great defense then it applies all the time right?

Over at the CATO Blog Michael F. Cannon has an excellent post explaining why the delay of the employer mandate should delay all of Obamacare. Included in this post is a list of unlawful and/or unethical actions that have been taken to implement Obamacare:

This matters because the Obama administration has abused nearly every power it possesses–and asserted powers it clearly does not possess–to protect Obamacare. A partial list of abuses:

  • Obamacare, which Congress passed and President Obama signed, literally and immediately forbade the administration to provide health insurance to members of Congress and their staffs through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. That is, federal law required the Obama administration to throw nearly all members of Congress and congressional staff out of their health plans. But because that might lead Congress to reopen the statute, the Obama administration decided to keep providing that coverage to members and staff in violation of federal law, and has been doing so for three years.
  • Shortly after its enactment, Obamacare began increasing health insurance premiums. To prevent a(n even greater) backlash, Obama’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius started waiving select mandates for select companies and unions. Congress gave her no authority to issue such waivers.
  • When health insurers began to inform customers how much Obamacare was increasing their premiums, Sebelius threatened to use her powers under the law to bankrupt any insurer that conveyed an unapproved message about the law. All insurers quickly complied.
  • As it became clear that dozens of states would refuse to implement Obamacare’s health insurance “exchanges,” the IRS announced it would implement the law’s tax credits, subsidies, and taxes in states with federal fallback exchanges – even though Obamacare clearly, repeatedly, consistently, and intentionally prohibits the IRS from doing so. The IRS has literally asserted the authority to tax, borrow, and spend more than $1 trillion contrary to the express will of Congress.
  • Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal government cannot coerce states into implementing Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, the Obama administration continues to coerce states into implementing most of the expansion’s provisions. The Court’s opinion flatly contradicts the administration’s claim that the ruling applied only to one part of the expansion.
  • When it became clear that Congress would not fund Obamacare’s implementation, Sebelius decided she would again substitute her judgment for Congress’s by using money Congress had dedicated to other purposes. She has since approached companies she regulates to shake them down, tacitly, for funds to implement the law.
  • And now, the IRS will delay the implementation of a central component of the law. Again, the administration is unilaterally rewriting federal law with the transparent purpose of avoiding an even greater political backlash against Obamacare.

The Obama administration’s zeal to protect this never-popular law is so great, what won’t they do to protect it?

I would recommend reading the whole article here.

It is very hard to give any credibility to the “its the law” defense of Obamacare after seeing just a few of the unlawful steps used to implement the law. I guess the Obamacare advocates have one thing right: saying “its the law” does end the debate. Why debate with someone who feels the “Law of Obama” is a higher power than the “Rule of Law”. All I can hope is that support for Obama and Obamacare keep slipping, allowing a real chance of a full ACA repeal to become reality.

PS. There has been a lot of joking about it, but today I spoke with a local Democrat that actually feels it would be good for the US to have a “King Obama” to lead us into a new era of change……. I was left speechless.

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