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A poem and song to help “celebrate” this “Independence” Day weekend

July 5, 2013

Back in the fifties Howard Nemerov published a poem that seems every bit as relevant today as it did then. Here is this must-read poem titled “Fourth of July” (hat-tip to Reason):

Fourth Of July

Because I am drunk, this Independence Night,

I watch the fireworks from far away,

from a high hill, across the moony green

Of lakes and other hills to the town harbor,

Where stately illuminations are flung aloft,

One light shattering in a hundred lights

Minute by minute. The reason I am crying,

Aside from only being country drunk,

That is, may be that I have just remembered

The sparklers, rockets, roman candles and

so on, we used to be allowed to buy

When I was a boy, and set off by ourselves

At some peril to life and property.

Our freedom to abuse our freedom thus

Has since, I understand, been remedied

By legislation. Now the authorities

Arrange a perfectly safe public display

To be watched at a distance; and now also

The contribution of all the taxpayers

Together makes a more spectacular

Result than any could achieve alone

(A few pale pinwheels, or a firecracker

Fused at the dog’s tail). It is, indeed, splendid:

Showers of roses in the sky, fountains

Of emeralds, and those profusely scattered zircons

Falling and falling, flowering as they fall

And followed distantly by a noise of thunder.

My eyes are half-afloat in happy tears.

God bless our Nation on a night like this,

And bless the careful and secure officials

Who celebrate our independence now.

I also find this new video from Remy to be quite relevant as America gets out the grill to celebrate with freinds and family this weekend. Even if you don’t like Rap it is a video worth watching, the “punch-line” comes very quickly.

When reading the Declaration of Independence this week, it is hard to image those standing up to King George III would tolerate what is happening in DC today. Hopefully the current upswing in fiscal conservatism and libertarianism will grow. That is the only hope to keep our country from being a failed experiment of the progressive movement.

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