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House passed the employer and individual mandate delays

July 18, 2013

two_way_crossesYesterday I posted about two bill before the House that President Obama promised to veto if they hit his desk. Here are the two bills in question and the voting results:

  • HR 2667 – Authority for Mandate Delay Act – To delay the application of the employer health insurance mandate, and for other purposes.
    • Passed 264 – 161
    • 1 Republican voted Nay
    • 35 Democrats voted Yea
  • HR 2668 – Fairness for American Families Act – To delay the application of the individual health insurance mandate.
    • Passed 251 – 174
    • 1 Republican voted Nay
    • 22 Democrats voted Yea

As you can see both bills passed the house with no problems. It is interesting that so many Democrats chose to vote against HR2667 since it would actually codify the illegal action President Obama took to delay the employer mandate for one year. On both bills the Democrats were making the case that this was nothing but the 38th time to try repealing Obamacare. Oddly they also took the stance that taking more time to implement the law will confuse Americans. At times it came off as almost condescending to their voting public.

It is also worth noting that only one Republican voted no to both bills. That was Rep Griffith representing Virginia’s 9th District. Rep Griffith posted the following Press Release on his website after the vote:

“Like many of my colleagues in the House, I want to be sure that all Americans have access to a health care system that is affordable, high quality, and fair.  I also want to be sure that reforms protect health care services for rural America and for Southwest Virginia seniors.

“I am of the view that Obamacare as drafted cannot work – not today, not in a year’s time, not ever.  Most predictions and promises made by President Obama in those areas that have already been implemented have underperformed, underwhelmed, and were over cost.

“The Democrats drafted Obamacare as they wanted it.  They set the timetables.  And then they rammed it through without Republican support.  Ever since, the Administration has been working on the law’s implementation, and they haven’t been able to make the law work as designed.  I don’t believe they can ever make it work as designed.

“In essence, Obamacare is like an abscessed tooth – delaying fixing the problem is not going to make it better; it only makes it worse.”

It is understandable that Rep Griffith would take the “they wanted it so let them have it” approach. There have been many MSM articles that have been pointing out that a Republican broke from the party lines on this vote. It is quite obvious these “journalists” didn’t take a few minutes to research why he voted no.

The more interesting vote will be in the Senate. Will Democrat Senators choose to vote yes to HR2667; thereby deciding codify the illegal action taken by President Obama? Or will they support President Obama and vote nay to HR2667; thereby also showing they are against the one year delay in the employer mandate and against the illegal action taken by Obama? Can anyone say paradox?

As to HR2668, this bill should also be interesting. If there are major problems implementing the individual mandate in 2014 the Democrats will be blamed if they chose to vote against HR2668. But if they do vote yes to HR2668 they are admitting Obamacare is not ready and may never be. It should be an interesting debate and vote.

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