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Stace Nelson listens to concerned South Dakotans and officially focuses on Senate race

July 23, 2013

The Stace Nelson Exploratory  Committee sent out the below news today. This is great news! A post with my thoughts will follow later today (creating posts on a phone is annoying, but I wanted to pass this on right away).


Stace Nelson Exploratory Committee Narrows Focus To US Senate Seat

Rapid City, SD – Representative Stace Nelson, after traveling across the
state and discussing requests to serve with numerous concerned voters,
made the following announcement Monday:

“After careful consideration of the hundreds of requests from South
Dakotans to serve them, I have heard their concerns, and I am putting my
focus on exploring a run for the office that they have indicated they most
need a true Conservative to run for, and that is South
Dakota’s 2014 United States Senate race. South Dakotans have indicated
they are tired of career professional politicians, and recognize that such
people are responsible for creating the mess that we are all
currently worried about in DC.  They have indicated they want the
choice of an honest public servant to serve them as their next
senator, and many have recognized that public servant in me.”

The announcement comes on the heals of brief tour West River, a rally
hosted for him in Rapid City by concerned voters, and after meeting with
hundreds of supporters.

“I share South Dakotans’ concerns for the direction of our country.
We sorely need public servants in office, not career politicians, who will
strive for honest government and who will stand on conservative South
Dakota values, for South Dakotans, alongside the likes of
Senators John Thune, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee,” said Nelson.

In 2014, voters in South Dakota will elect a member to the open US
senate seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Tim Johnson.

“Since I joined the Marines right out of high school in 1985, I have
demonstrated that I am an honest public servant who has always placed duty
to the public I serve, first and foremost, and that I will fight any
fight, any time, no matter the odds, for them. Our children and
grand-children are facing an uncertain future because of the problems in
Washington.  I’m ready to fight for their futures by bringing a positive
vision of common sense, and conservative South Dakota values to DC, to get
our nation back on track.”

The 2014 South Dakota Senate race will potentially be one of the most
contested races in the nation. State and national Republican leaders
consider a gain in South Dakota essential and attainable.

Additional formal announcements to follow.

PRESS CONTACT: (605) 770-7461

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