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Kokesh in Federal jail, today’s hearing shows the judge doesn’t respect his rights

July 29, 2013

971288_10152186826377565_41186548_nAbout two weeks ago I posted that libertarian activist Adam Kokesh was about to be released from jail for committing a victim-less crime. I forgot to do a follow-up to the story at that time. He in fact did not get released at that time. The media reports were premature. It was not until last Thursday that Kokesh was released on bail; and then quickly grabbed by police for federal charges. So now Adam sits in a DC jail.

Adam’s preliminary hearing was today. Here is the release from the Kokesh team about today’s hearing:

JULY 29, 2013 09:00

The courtroom this morning was dimmed for Adam Kokesh’s first hearing after he was taken into Federal custody on Friday, July 26. As Adam was brought in front of the judge in an orange prison jumpsuit and shackles, Adam’s attorney, Peter Cooper, immediately asked why the Federal Marshals had confiscated Adam’s notes. The judge replied that Mr. Cooper could “buy the transcripts, if he wished”. The tone for this case thus set, the prosecution brought forward Detective Robert Freeman to testify regarding the affidavit that he presented to Judge Frederick Sullivan. The affidavit for this case is in addition to the sealed affidavit that allowed a coalition of federal thugs to perform a raid on Adam’s Herndon residence three weeks ago.

The contents of Detective Freeman’s affidavit, accepted today, were not read verbatim, but did specifically mention the YouTube video that Adam posted on the morning of July 4. The sealed affidavit from the Virginia case has not yet been opened.

The tone throughout the hearing was terse, and the prosecuting attorney repeatedly objected to each question that Adam’s lawyer posed, citing ‘discovery’ as the reason why any question whatsoever would be absolutely invalid. It seems as if the court has at least one confidential informant that will see the stand as the case progresses. The judge’s attitude went hand-in-hand with the prosecution, portraying Mr. Cooper’s questions as insolent and repeatedly threatening to end the hearing early.

Adam’s lawyer pressed the witness to describe the shotgun that was found in Herndon, and the witness could not name the model, but stated that it was the same shape and color as the one portrayed in the video. When asked if he knew what a green screen was, Detective Freeman noted that he “was not a video forensics analyst”. Judge Sullivan stated that it was ‘ridiculous to question’ the authenticity of the video, because Adam had ‘racked a shotgun for all the world to see’.

Mr. Cooper’s questions laid bare the gaping holes in the warrant and the case to light, though it remains to be seen whether the facts will overcome the overwhelming bias that Judge Sullivan showed in the opening act of this high-profile case.

The attorneys for the day’s other cases in the front row of the courtroom pulled up Adam’s YouTube channel on their mobile devices and cracked jokes about Adam’s guilt. Adam has been charged with carrying a firearm outside his home or office in the District of Columbia, which carries a sentence of up to 5 years.

The tension in the courtroom came to a head when the Judge shouted that he “WOULD NOT ENGAGE IN RIDICULOUSNESS” after accusing Mr. Cooper of “wasting his time” with “ridiculous questions”. He scoffed at Adam’s attorney. None of that mattered though as Adam was denied bond for this case. The judge said that Adam was a flight risk, and because he is outspoken political activist who was found with weapons, he is also considered dangerous to the public. The judge also noted that Adam had a previous minor marijuana charge from June 8, 2013.

Adam will remain a political prisoner without bond until his felony status hearing on August 13. The AVTM team is continually raising funds for Adam’s legal and operational expenses atwww.adamvstheman.com/invest. and we have raised approximately $17,000 of our goal of at least $45,000. Please donate as much as you responsibly can in order to make sure that Adam keeps his freedom. We will be releasing further updates as they develop. Thank you immensely for your support.

There you have it. The judge is not worried about Adam’s rights or any actual facts. Instead he is annoyed that an American would dare stand up for the civil rights of all citizens. Further thoughts on this forthcoming in future posts.


PS. In similar news, tomorrow the verdict for the Bradley Manning trial is expected.

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  1. July 30, 2013 at 6:00 am

    Welcome to Slavelandia!

  2. July 30, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    I like what he did, but I think strategically it would be better to go forward without a green screen flimsy defense. Free Adam! He’s got so many valid points and so much info, that it’d be a shame to lose his voice in this war against terror (oops I mean our govt).

    • Ken Santema
      July 31, 2013 at 9:28 am

      Yeah, the green screen thing was kind of a surprise. Unless it actually is true I can’t see that route as being helpful.

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