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Bradley Manning found Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy

July 30, 2013

raffaella_biscuso_Judge_hammerGood news for the PFC Manning trial. Here is what Ed Krayewski at Reason reports:

Col. Denise Lind has found Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy, according to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge. It was the most serious charge he faced. Manning, who leaked numerous documents and materials to WikiLeaks, was found guilty of several lesser charges most other charges. You can see a break down of the charges here.

This is great news. It reduces the chances of Manning being imprisoned for the rest of his life. The lesser charges he had pled guilty to add up to about twenty years for maximum sentences. Of course there are other charges he did not plead guilty to that must be taken into account. Even with the Aiding the Enemy charge dropped he could be sentenced to over 100 years in prison. Sentencing is expected tomorrow.

About a half-year ago I posted that all charges should be dropped. Since that did not happen I can only hope the Judge will take PFC Manning’s heroic actions into account and use minimal sentencing. It is key to remember that PFC Manning’s “crime” was to reveal war crimes committed by the US on behalf of its citizens.

Unfortunately most people won’t even know about the actions of PFC Manning or the results of this trial. As I noted earlier this month the mainstream media has been purposely turning against whistle-blowers to keep in favor with the Obama administration.

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