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Overpasses for Obama Impeachment rally held in Rapid City this last Saturday

August 20, 2013

A group of Rapid City residents this last Saturday gathered to protest as part of the Overpasses for Obama Impeachment movement. There was very little media coverage of the rally before or after the event. Before the event Lori Stacey did post this on the event. Here is an excerpt from her article:

Whether the reason to get involved is anger over the many scandals of this administration or years of frustration over inaction on the ineligibility issue, the American people are finally showing signs that they are ready to start demanding the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue needs to start packing.

I think the idea of this rally was great. As someone who has been involved in many rally’s and protests, I love seeing groups of people actually getting off their butt and becoming engaged. Personally I think they should be targeting all of DC career politicians (Democrat or Republican). But if they want to target the top Democrat in DC that is their right. There is nothing better than free citizens exercising their inalienable right to free speech; especially when that free speech is against a government they feel has become corrupt.

Saturday’s rally was one of 350 that happened nationwide. One of the events did end with an arrest of two protesters in St. Charles, Missouri. Watching the video (embeded at the end of this post) you can see these two were arrested for “failure to comply with a highway patrolman”. This highway patrolman would not cite what law they were breaking when he asked the group to leave the bridge. Just vague references to “public safety” were used.

Luckily the event in Rapid City did not end with any arrests. According to KEVN there were a total of eight demonstrators at the Rapid City event. They rallied over the I90 exit 61 overpass. The group’s organizer Bill Coutts did share this with KEVN:

William Coutts says, “We just want to make people more aware that there’s a critical mass of Americans that are just not going to stand up for the abuses that are coming out of Washington, and the poor leadership and all the corruption.” Coutts says he’s hoping to meet personally with each of South Dakota three congressional delegates to discuss his concerns.

I would like to thank all eight participants of this rally for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech and protest actions of the government. I have a feeling the next time an overpass event happens in Rapid City the attendance will only grow. Although, as I said before, I wish the group would target ALL career politicians and not just the top Democrat. No matter what  I hope the group sees this protest as a success and will keep up the good work!


Here is the video of the St Charles arrest:

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