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Stace Nelson accepting Mike Rounds challenge to take on all comers

August 26, 2013
Microphone by Junior Libby

Microphone by Junior Libby

The Stace Nelson for Senate campaign has been busy. Stace and supporters have been busy canvasing the county fairs, Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else they can be heard. As part of his outreach Stace sent a series of tweets today like the following:

His acceptance to “take on all comers” comes from the consistent message the Rounds team has conveyed. Here is what Mitch Krebs (Rounds spokesman) had to say in an email to the Argus Leader (bold added by me):

“We are building an organization throughout the entire state that is capable of winning not just the primary, but the general election as well,” Krebs wrote in an email. “We are prepared to take on all comers.”

The same basic statement was made by Rob Skjonsberg (Rounds campaign manager) a couple months ago:

“We’ll be prepared to take on all comers and that includes having the resources to correct misinformation that will likely be brought by outside groups,”

Does anyone actually think Rounds meant that he would debate fellow candidates in the race? I don’t. I personally would love to see a debate with Stace against Rounds. Heck, even let Rhoden (not sure why he’s running) and Bosworth (not sure she knows why she’s running) join the debate. The South Dakota State Fair does offer a unique opportunity for a political debate. If Rounds accepts the acceptance from Stace there is plenty of time to organize a debate for this weekend. I’m guessing he won’t want to debate, but maybe (hopefully) he will prove me wrong!

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