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What is the biggest issue facing the United States

August 28, 2013
Stossel's list of 100 items just as bad or worse than NSA spying

Stossel’s list of 100 items just as bad or worse than NSA spying

A few days ago Kal Lis over at Displaced Plainsman listed 10 issues he feels are more important than Obamacare. Before listing 10 issues he had this to say:

This morning, I found this post and Larry Rhoden’s claim: “The battle against Obamacare is the most pressing issue our nation is facing.” Repealing a law passed by Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court is “the most pressing issue” in the country. Seriously?

His whole list is worth reading. I actually agree with most of his 10 items. But even if I didn’t agree with his list it would be worth seeing what he or anybody finds important.

Along the same lines libertarian TV host John Stossel has come under heat recently for not getting too worked up over the NSA spying. He has created a list of 100 things he thinks are just as bad or worse than the NSA spying. I’ve actually seen Stossel called a LINO (libertarian in name only) for his stance on this.

I think both of the above people are basically making the same point: there is no single ‘biggest issues’ facing the United States. Going back to Obamacare; I believe Obamacare is a work of pure crony capitalism with the insurance and portions of the medical industries being the recipients. To that end I do speak against Obamacare a lot. However, I do not feel it is the most important issue in the United States. Additionally I think the Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot in 2014 if they cause a government shutdown over funding of Obamacare (personally I would love a government shutdown, but I’m not the voting public that Republicans have to worry about).

The same is true of the NSA spying. Back in the Bush years I protested alongside many people (mostly liberals) that believed the Patriot Act and other DC moves would decrease the civil liberties of all Americans. Fast forward to the NSA revelations over this last summer. Am I upset about what the NSA is doing? Yes. Is it the biggest issue in the US? No. For many of us it has been hard to resist having “I told you so” moments. However instead of having those moments I’ve been trying to bring more awareness to these issues and hopefully public support will force DC to change the laws.

I guess the real point of this post is that there is no ‘biggest issue facing the US’. Individuals and society are much more complex than any single issue. I thought of making my own list of big issues. But then I realized that is what this blog is about. Almost every issues I’ve posted on I feel is just as important, if not more important, than Obamacare and the NSA. Now if we could just get such variety of opinions and issues from political candidates…

I think the perfect way to end this post is a song from Ten Years After:

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