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Bolin focusing on Common Core opposition

October 3, 2013
Rep Bolin in Lake Norden

Rep Bolin in Lake Norden

Earlier today David Montgomery passed on the news that State Representative Jim Bolin (R-16) is dropping out of the race for Commissioner of School and Public Lands. Rep Bolin is making this move so he can focus his energy on opposing Common Core implementation in South Dakota. This is great news for those of us who appreciate his leadership in the fight against Common Core.

Around two weeks ago I took some time to speak with Representative Bolin at the Spink County Republican Lincoln Reagan Family Picnic. At the time I found Rep Bolin to be very knowledgeable about the Public Lands Commissioner position and believed he would do great in the position if elected. Yet at the same time I felt Bolin would better suited for a position that would allow him to fight against Common Core expansion in South Dakota. After speaking with Rep Bolin about Common Core for about five minutes it became clear he understands the issue and has worked hard to fight its implementation.

Last week Rep Bolin was a panel member for a Common Core Concerns meeting held in Lake Norden. At that meeting he referred to Common Core as a ‘leviathan’. I have yet to hear anyone describe Common Core in one word so accurately. Between the loss of local control and increased costs for school districts I simply cannot think of a better name for Common Core than leviathan.

This happens to be an issue I agree with Mr Heidelberger over at Madville Times:

The Common Core opponents are outfunded and outgunned by organized education industry professionals. If opponents are going to get anywhere in jamming this latest retread of the perennially time-wasting education reform churn, they will need a strong voice in the Legislature raising heck during session with bills and during the 2014 campaign with rousing stump speeches.

Part of me feels the fight against Common Core without Rep Bolin would fizzle in the South Dakota Legislature. It appears there is a growing number of legislators helping Bolin oppose Common Core. Yet I am not convinced this issue is important enough to those legislators to keep up the fight without a leader like Rep Bolin present.  Heavily funded special interest groups would potentially make legislators even less inclined to take on this fight. For that reason I hope Bolin runs for re-election as a State Representative so he can continue his Common Core opposition in Pierre.

  1. lora hubbel
    October 3, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    If you want to hear national voices against Common Core… AND our local lawmakers come to a FREE Common Core Conference (anyone can sure donate because this cost me several thousand dollars to put on! ) SIOUX FALLS RAMKOTA SATURDAY OCT 5, 9-3:30 (register at 8am)…Dr Stotsky was on the Common Core Validation Committee and refused them. Jenni White will tell you how you children are not your own anymore but owned by the government via a 400 point data collection banking that follows them from cradle to career….JIm and 8 others will be on a panel to answer your questions in the afternoon….

    • Ken Santema
      October 4, 2013 at 6:08 pm

      Thanks for the reminder! I might do another post to remind people about the meeting. Wish I could go, but I plan to weather the cold and walk in the Gypsy Day parade.

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