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Stace Nelson press release following the government slowdown

October 17, 2013

Presentation2Below is the latest press release from the Stace Nelson campaign. I think the key takeaway from this is the fact Congress should have been working hard all these months to actually work on appropriations bills. The hard work of trimming fat and reducing pork can be done at that time.

Personally I believe too much floor time these last couple of months has been wasted debating gun control and war with Syria. (I’m not as worried as I once was about what DC does in the name of gun control; 3d printing technology has made the gun control debate obsolete). Neither topic should be a priority for the Federal government. Instead the legislators in DC should be focused upon each appropriation bill and ensuring funding is set correctly. That may mean large cuts are necessary for some federal expenditures; conversely it also means some appropriation bills may need more funding (although with the rampant amount of government waste I find that scenario hard to believe).

Going forward I think constituents should hold Congress accountable for any bill introduced or worked on DC that does not have any relation to the appropriations bills. If DC truly wants to avoid another shutdown they need to actually do their job. Part of me hopes they don’t follow that path; it will make it that much easier to kick incumbents from both parties out of DC in 2014. With a huge Congressional turnover the pork-ridden culture rampant with DC politicians may actually have a chance of changing.

For Immediate Release
Fulton, S.D. – As I speak with people in South Dakota, I am hearing voices of anger, surprise and worse of all hopelessness.
I share the frustrations and disgust that many South Dakotans feel over the recent intentional closure of our government, and subsequent deliberate actions to make that closure as painful as possible on the American people.  The situation highlights what many of us already knew, that career politicians, more concerned about political power than the proper management of our country, are the root of the problems in our federal and state government.  Our country needs true citizen legislators now more than ever.

There were more options than shut the government down fighting over Obamacare, or to wait until our country was in danger of default before addressing the problem.  Congress must go back to individual funding bills for departments, with major emphasis on oversight of each to identify areas that can sustain reductions in spending.
I would have supported efforts requiring Congress to do that months ago and for Congress to stay in session until they accomplished their most important responsibility, of managing our government.  Both sides have used their failure to attend to the needs of our country in a timely manner as an excuse for their actions.

Let’s remove ourselves from the partisan finger pointing they have embroiled us in and now demand that Congress remain in session and immediately address the country’s funding & debt crisis that they have simply put off for several months and are now prepared to put off for several more months.

Personally, I am not angry about the Senate rollover because I knew it was going to happen.  Along with most everyone I spoke with today, I knew Tim Johnson would vote within his party lines, but I was also disappointed in Senator Thune’s vote.  Senator Thune released his reasons, and at this time I am not going to second-guess him.
I would like to salute Representative Kristi Noem for standing her ground and voting ‘no’ to extend this misery into January, 2014.

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