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See Doc Thompson and the Republican Senate candidates in Sioux Falls tonight

November 6, 2013

For anyone that lives in the Sioux Falls area there is an event happening tonight that is worth attending. It is being hosted by South Dakota Tea Party and USF Political Science Department Here are the details:

To hear nationally syndicated columnist
Doc Thompson plus the Republican
Candidates for the U.S. Senate
When? Wednesday November 6th, 7-9 pm

Where? – USF Salisbury auditorium room 120 on South Summit Ave. Parking
just north of the building.

Who? Doc Thompson speaking on Obama Care, Illegal Immigration and a host
of pertinent topics. Also, the Republican candidates for the U.S. senate
will present why they should be elected.

There will be 45 minutes for Q and A. Don’t miss this important meeting! Be informed, Be
involved! Be there early. Limited seating. Please forward the enclosed flier to your

Open to the public!!
Questions?? Contact me at allen@draunruh.com
or go to our website

PS. I apologize for not posting this earlier. I thought I had posted this last week, but just now found it in my blog drafts…

  1. Bree S.
    November 6, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    I love how Rounds can take the time to interview for the Tea Party Express, but can’t be bothered to show up for major Tea Party event and debate in Sioux Falls. I guess the Sioux Falls organizers couldn’t afford his speaking fee. You have to wave a couple million in front of his face to get him to compromise his moderate principles. I suppose the Tea Party Express should feel flattered that he consented to speak with them.

    • Ken Santema
      November 7, 2013 at 11:27 am

      I think he realizes he won’t get the Tea Party vote anyhow. Yet at the same time I think he should have gone.And the move definitely adds to the the claim many of us are making that his campaign is all about money instead of actual conservative issues.

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