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Other notes from the Constitution Party of South Dakota meeting

November 24, 2013

CP150x150Yesterday I attended the Constitution Party of South Dakota meeting in Sioux Falls. After the meeting I posted the announcement that Curtis Strong would be the CP candidate for Governor. Now I will share some assorted other notes from the meeting. I will note I am not a member of the Constitution Party; I went because I feel it is important to have multiple choices at the ballot and feel it is worthy to spread information about those choices.

The meeting was led by the CP of SD State Chairwoman Lori Stacey. Most of the meeting was spent explaining the Constitution Party history and where it is now. At its core the mission of the Constitution Party is to bring back the original intent of the Constitution. By doing this Lori says American would be put back in the hands of the people.

Here are some brief bullet points of items brought up during the presentation. For those unfamiliar with the CP I think these bullets provide a good ‘100-mile’ view of the party.

  • Constitution Party is Pro-Life. Many CP members left the Republican Party during the Bush years when the Executive and Legislative branches were Republican controlled and they did nothing to legislatively overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • The Grace Commission Report that was requested during the Reagan administration showed the long-term dangers of the Federal Reserve. The CP would end the massive amounts of taxpayer dollars that go to pay interest to this private bank.
  • The Constitution Party is pushing to end the income tax altogether. Instead the CP would return to federal revenues coming from foreign import tariffs. At the same time the Constitution Party opposes the “Fair Tax” (I have an upcoming post on the Fair Tax, it is a stance Republicans should be taking too).
  • Obamacare is illegal because it was a tax started in the Senate. It became a ‘tax’ after Justice Roberts rewrote the law. While this is true there have been no real attempts by either Democrats or Republicans in DC to actually do something about it.

After going through some of the CP issues Ms Stacey made the announcement that Curtis Strong will be the party candidate for Governor. I believe this move should allow the CP to grow numbers west-river where the Tea Party is strongest in South Dakota. By taking advantage of this proximity Tea Party members (many of whom are disenfranchised with the Republican Party), it will be easier to gain the votes required to retain party status after 2014. It will also make ballot access signatures easier to get if there are physically more CP members in one area. I’m not sure if this strategy will work, but I do think it is their best strategy.

After announcing the Strong Governor run Ms Stacey announced she has started an exploratory committee for Federal Office. At this time she is unsure if she will look at taking on Noem in the House race or the chaos that has become the Senate race. Either way she wants to make sure there is financial and voter support before actually declaring for an office. If she does enter the race I personally hope it would be for the House; I really feel that race needs more options.

Finally Ms Stacey mentioned the Secretary of State’s office was asking about $2500 to get a list of registered CP voters in South Dakota. This seemed odd. During SOS Nelson’s tenure the CP of SD was able to get this list for $50. It seems the SOS office is treating the CP members in each district different and is charging accordingly. She is looking further into this and hopes to have this resolved. $2500 is simply too much for a third-party to spend on such a small list.

Going forward I will continue to follow the movements of the Constitution Party of South Dakota (along with any other parties). It is important for voters to feel they have actual choices on the ballot. Plus it will potentially make the larger parties stop taking votes for granted.

PS. In attendance at the meeting was Independent Governor candidate Mike Myers. He was not there to support or endorse the CP. He was there for much the same reason I was: to find out more about the Constitution Party. It is NEVER a bad thing to learn more about other viewpoints! I will have a short post about my conversation with him later this week.

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