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RLC endorses a Colorado candidate in 2014 US Senate race, will there be a South Dakota endorsement coming

December 9, 2013

jp_draws_US_FlagEarlier today the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) released its endorsement for Colorado state senator Owen Hill as their candidate of choice in the 2014 Senate Race. This is the second person the RLC has endorsed for the 2014 US Senate race. The first was for Lee Bright in the South Carolina race to take out Lindsey Graham. Now that the endorsements are (slowly) starting to come out it will likely bring speculation as to whether any South Dakota candidates will gain attention from the RLC. Here are the four Republican candidates in the race and my thoughts for each of their chances (full disclosure, I support Stace Nelson in this race, but I don’t believe my opinions below would change if I wasn’t officially supporting him). This list is ordered from least to most likely to receive an endorsement.

  • Mike Rounds – It is unlikely Rounds could ever get an RLC endorsement for this race after being called “too liberal” by the Senate Conservatives Fund. Plus the RLC is strongly opposed to government subsidies to businesses, which is exactly what the Aberdeen Beef Plant was. I think everyone can agree Rounds will never get the RLC endorsement.
  • Annette Bosworth – Bosworth is saying all of the right conservative things to try getting an endorsement from a group like this. And part of me hopes she can still come up with a good perspective as a doctor as to why Obamacare must go away. Yet at the same time there are potential scandals that may or may not be true. I really can’t see a group such as the RLC support a candidate that has an unproven public service record mixed with potential scandals.
  • Larry Rhoden – Early in the campaign Rounds released a scorecard showing Rhoden was not conservative (the same scorecard was later updated by Nelson, and ironically Rounds supporters say it is unfair to use such a scorecard?). That scorecard may hurt Rhoden’s ability to prove himself as the type of conservative liberty activist the RLC would support. Plus Rhoden is a very low-key speaker. That is something I can relate to, but isn’t necessarily the type of candidate the RLC could get excited about.
  • Stace Nelson – Stace is the most likely recipient of the RLC endorsement. He definitely has been able to garner a lot of grass-roots support from liberty groups in South Dakota. But at the same time he is somewhat less polished than the typical candidate the RLC would support in an US Senate race. Personally I believe Nelson exemplifies the stances and principles supported by the RLC and Nelson has the best chance of that important endorsement.
  • Nobody – There is always a chance the RLC will support nobody in the South Dakota primary race. Since South Dakota is likely to go R anyhow they may choose to focus on liberty candidates around the country that can take out current Republican Senators who are known to be bad in regards to liberty. The races for Senator Graham’s seat and Senator McConnell’s seat are perfect examples. These races will likely take a lot of resources (money) from the RLC and leave little for races in states like South Dakota.

Right now I believe the RLC will wait until near the end of the primary season to see if they support a candidate in South Dakota. A couple of the national conservative groups have done that recently in special elections. Hopefully the RLC doesn’t wait so long to make an endorsement that it becomes beyond the point of helping a candidate. Even if they don’t give monetary support (through the RLC-USA PAC), an endorsement from the RLC could amplify the chances of a candidate actually winning the Republican nomination. It will be interesting to see what the RLC does.

  1. December 10, 2013 at 10:16 am

    May or may not be true? Come on, Ken, you’re being far too generous. It’s a fact that Bosworth sold tickets for raffles, then never held a drawing and never refunded the cash. It’s a fact that she has stiffed multiple employees their paychecks. It’s a fact that her husband ran a company in Utah (100X) that ended up earning several people federal sentences for mortgage fraud. Her political incoherence is enough to forfeit support from any attentive and principled conservative organization. Her completely provable scandalous behavior is enough to forfeit any voter confidence.

    • Ken Santema
      December 10, 2013 at 2:36 pm

      Haha, I thought that might get you worked up. Honestly I’m not focusing much on her because I don’t think she’ll make it very much further in the campaign. As you’ve documented she simply has too much baggage. I’m going to ask some questions on it this Thursday. But am expecting a pre-canned answer.

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