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Support Stace Nelson in the Bill of Rights & Boston Tea Party money bomb

December 15, 2013


There are two dates that are very important for liberty-minded individuals that occurred in US history. On December 15, 1791, Virginia was the last state to ratify the Bill of Rights. This day is now celebrated as Bill of Rights Day. Before that on December 16, 1773, a non-violent protest in the Boston Harbor became forever known as the Boston Tea Party.

It is time to send more people to Washington DC that have the same basic understanding of Liberty that our forefathers had. The person who exemplifies liberty in the US Senate race is Stace Nelson.

This previous legislative session in Pierre I listened to the debates on a wide variety of topics. It quickly became clear to me that Representative Nelson was not afraid to stand on the side of liberty. This was true even in the instances when his own caucus was on the wrong side of liberty. Representative Nelson always ensured the voice of liberty was heard. At the same time I have seen him interact with constituents around the state and actually listen to them. Stace is a true public servant that serves the people. This is a stark contrast to many DC politicians that serve special interest groups. It is time to send Representative Nelson to DC as a leader in the fight to keep our liberties.

Today (Dec 15) and tomorrow the Nelson campaign is having a money bomb at StaceNelson.com. I would urge anyone that is able to donate money to his campaign. Stace Nelson’s campaign is truly grass-roots and is working against large sums of DC special interest money. Luckily Stace does not need the big money of DC to win the Senate Race. He does however need enough funds to get his message out to the people of South Dakota. Any amount contributed will help us get Stace to DC. Let is work together now to get the right kind of person in DC.

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