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A report from my son on Kristi Noem’s visit to his school

December 19, 2013
Ashton & Lawson getting ready for school

Ashton & Lawson getting ready for school

Yesterday South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem was in Aberdeen. While in Aberdeen she took time to read Christmas stories to 3rd graders at OM Tiffany Elementary School. The Aberdeen American News has a piece on the visit here. OM Tiffany also happens be where my youngest two sons go to school, including my middle son Lawson (8), who happened to have been one of the 3rd graders meeting with Noem. Lawson knows I write about people like Kristi Noem so I promised I  would do a post with his account of the event. Here it is.

Lawson said he really liked meeting Kristi because she talked about the White House. He said she told a very cool story about Thomas Jefferson not letting a Christmas Tree in the White House, so his kid hid one in a closet (actually it was Theodore Roosevelt, but at least he remembered the story!) Lawson said he wishes more people would visit the school to read stories like Kristi did.

Lawson’s friend asked if Kristi would bring Chocolate Milk back to the lunchroom. (I was surprised to find out this was gone from schools?). Apparently Lawson and his friends are quite upset they no longer can have Chocolate Milk. Kristi told them that she was working to make sure their lunch room could do more for them (HR 3663).

Lawson said the only question he asked Kristi is if she knew Stace Nelson, to which she replied yes. Kristi also said she got to meet President Obama, which Lawson and his friends thought was pretty cool.

My youngest son Ashton (7) also wishes to be part of this post. He would like everyone to know he had a great time watching Polar Express at school. He would also like to complain that his parents forgot to send him to school in pajamas that day and he was the ONLY kid who didn’t get to wear pajamas. (sometimes you just can’t win as a parent…).

PS. Since my oldest son Dustin (16) is a teenager he would rather not be in a post. This is my way of including him without doing so blatantly.

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