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My wishlist for the South Dakota 2014 legislative session

January 6, 2014

imagebot_com-2012042714194724316The South Dakota 2014 legislative session is quickly approaching. Many of us will be watching this session closely to determine who to support going into the election later this fall. Here is a short list of legislation I hope to see passed this session that I will grade our legislators by (the list was longer, I decided to trim it some):

  • Stop Common Core – Common Core is doubling-down on decades of bad education policies. It is time for the legislature to take action and truly return the education of our children back to the local level. Any solution may mean spending more local money and accepting less federal money long-term. That is OK.
  • Stop a Constitutional convention – When I first studied the constitutional convention in the early 90’s it seemed like a great idea. Yet over time I’ve had more time to study the issue and look at the potential pitfalls. Overall the potential risks of an Article V constitutional convention outweigh any perceived good that would come from it.
  • Reallocate the $30,000,000 Governor Daugaurd wants to give the Building South Dakota program. It makes no sense to give such a great amount of money to a program  that chooses winners and losers in the marketplace. This money could be better used in other areas such as conservation, infrastructure improvement, education (to fund getting rid of common core), or even tax breaks.
  • Start a forensic audit of GOED – a truly external forensic audit of GOED should be performed. This would not only look at any potential wrongdoings, but actually document how GOED works. Such an audit could be used to determine if taxpayers should be paying so much for ‘economic development’.
  • Create more balance of power in Pierre. Currently the executive branch in South Dakota is quite powerful compared to what is needed in the modern world. I look forward to any legislative bills that attempt to rectify this situation.
  • Nullify Obamacare – South Dakota could join other States taking steps to nullify Obamacare. In a red state this should be an easy one…

During the legislative session I plan to blog about any bills that cover the above topics. Right now I know there is legislation drafted for at least a couple of these bullet points. Hopefully all of them will attention of some sort.

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