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Constitution Party of South Dakota adds a PUC candidate

January 7, 2014

CP150x150Yesterday the Constitution Party of South Dakota announced the entry of Wayne Schmidt of Mobridge into the statewide Public Utilities Commission (PUC) race. This from the announcement:

Mr. Wayne Schmidt of Mobridge, South Dakota has been a member of the Constitution Party since its founding as a national party back in 1992.

Wayne is no stranger to running for political office. He has previously run in District 23 for State Senate and State House back in 2006 and 2008, respectively. In the senate race, he garnered nearly 10% of the vote. He has also previously run for Mayor of Mobridge.

The 2014 election will be the first time he is throwing his hat in the ring for a statewide office. His name will be entered into nomination for Public Utilities Commissioner at the upcoming Constitution Party of South Dakota’s State Convention which will be held sometime in June.

With Schmidt in the race there are now three Constitution Party of South Dakota candidates in a state-wide race. The first was Curtis Strong entering the gubernatorial race and the second was Lori Stacy entering the US House of Representatives race. 2014 appears to be the year the Constitution Party of South Dakota is trying make itself be heard. I think that is great. More ballot choices may cause more voters to actually do research to determine which candidate best represents their stances.

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