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Hubbel ties Data Mining together in her Aberdeen event

January 8, 2014
Lora Hubbel picture from http://lorahubbel.com/

Lora Hubbel picture from http://lorahubbel.com/

Yesterday Republican South Dakota gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel held an informative meeting in Aberdeen.  Aberdeen News reporter Scott Waltman was in attendance at the meeting and has a pretty fair summary of Lora’s presentation. I would recommend everyone read Waltman’s write-up. My post will add just a few notes I took from the meeting.

Ms Hubbel’s presentation revolved around three issues: Obamacare, RealID, and Common Core. At first the only obvious connection between these three issues is that they are all big government programs. Yet Lora is able to connect the dots on one topic that ties all three issues together: data mining. Obamacare, RealID and Common Core all depend upon data mining for full implementation. I agree this is a troubling trend. Bureaucrats love data mining because it gives them access to more information that can be used to further regulate society. Personally I don’t think the intent of our current bureaucrats are ‘bad’. But even good intentions should make anyone pause as to giving all of their personal data to the federal government. Even if people trust the current administration with their data (a big if), can it be guaranteed this data will always be protected and never used for ‘bad’ purposes? Personally I don’t think it is worth the risk to civil liberties to find out the answer to that question.

Towards the end of the meeting there were two in attendance that were questioning Ms Hubbel’s small government policies. The two asking the questions did it quite respectfully and were not causing a nuisance. Actually during this exchange Ms Hubbel said something similar to what I have often said “I want a government that is a referee and not a player”. At the end of the exchange Lora did have to stop so others could ask questions. This basically happened after the questions devolved to basic anti-small-government talking points such as “what about the roads” and “what about the poor”. But it was nice to see the two questioning Lora in a respectful way and actually seemed to be listening to her answers. That gives me hope that there are some of left that are willing to listen during a debate.

I would recommend anyone that wants to know more about the history of Obamacare, RealID and Common Core in South Dakota to attend one of Hubbel’s presentations. There was simply too much information in her hour-plus presentation for me to do a proper post. At this time I’m not sure who I am going to support in the South Dakota governors race. But I can say that I support Ms Hubbel being in the race because she adds a perspective to the gubernatorial race that might be missing had chosen not to run.

PS. It is also worth mentioning that Ms Hubbel is the only Republican officially in the gubernatorial race. Daugaard has yet to make his reelection bid official. There are also three other candidates in the gubernatorial race at this time: Curtis Strong for the Constitution Party, Mike Myers as an Independent, and Joe Lowe for the Democrat Party.

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