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Plan to attend the South Dakota for Freedom event on March 1

January 16, 2014

The Constitution Party of South Dakota has announced a great liberty event on March 1: South Dakota for Freedom! The event will be held at The Lodge at Deadwood and has a truly amazing lineup. I think this has to be one of the greatest liberty oriented events I’ve seen planned in South Dakota in recent years.

I’ve included the flier for the event at the end of this post. But first I would like to speak about the three guests named in the flier.

Jordan Page: Jordan Page is one of the best liberty-oriented singer-songwriters in the country. Jordan has opened for Ron Paul and has used the lyrics from his songs to promote liberty.  I would invite people to view his Pendulum video as a great example of his work (this is one of his older songs, but still a favorite of mine):

Michael Boldin: Michael Boldin founded the Tenth Amendment Center and works hard to promote constitutional values. One thing I respect about Mr Boldin is that he does not promote or support any group. Instead he uses blogs, social media, and events such as this to promote the proper use of the US Constitution. I personally am looking forward to seeing him speak at this event.

Tatiana Moroz: Tatiana is also a great liberty-oriented recording artist. She uses her songs to get people engaged in the political process. She has a beautiful voice and understands how great liberty is. Here a great activist song from Ms Moriz:

As the event gets closer I will likely do more posts highlighting the three above people. I plan to attend and would urge others to go as well. It is not often South Dakota gets events of this caliber. Tickets can be purchased from the Constitution Party of SD website by clicking on the Donate button there. See ticket and room reservation info in the flier below.

I hope to see everyone there!


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