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Plan to attend the Cracker Barrel in Aberdeen on Saturday, February 8th

February 7, 2014

johnny_automatic_wooden_barrelI would urge anyone in northeast South Dakota to visit the legislative Cracker Barrel in Aberdeen on Saturday February 8. It will be held in the Centennial Rooms of Northern State University, and runs from 10am to noon. The legislators from Districts 1, 2, and 3 are invited to the Aberdeen Cracker Barrels. If you are unable to attend this one, I would suggest making a Cracker Barrel at the same time/place on Sat Feb 22 and Sat Mar 1st.

If you live in an other area of the state there is a list of Cracker Barrels over at the DRA site.

Here are the Districts 1, 2, and 3 legislators:

  • District 1 -Brown, Day, Marshall, Roberts
    • Representative Feickert – Aberdeen – Democrat
      • Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee member
      • Transportation Committee member
      • Prime Sponsor of 4 bills.
    • Representative Wismer – Britton – Democrat
      • Appropriations Committee
      • Government Operations & Audit Committee
      • Prime Sponsor of 2 bills, both having to do with county road.
      • Wismer is also in the Democrat primary for the Governors race this year. Expect her to highlight her work trying to get extra money to fix the broken roads in Brown county. (I don’t think she has to work too hard to win the Democrat primary. Her opponent Joe Lowe doesn’t seem to realize he is in a race?)
    • Senator Frerichs – Wilmot – Democrat
      • Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
      • Legislative Procedure Committee
      • State Affairs Committee
      • Prime Sponsor of 14 bills. Including one trying to refer medicaid expansion to the voters. Frerichs wants voters to decide if South Dakota should embrace the crony capitalistic monstrosity misnamed the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.
  • District 2 – Brown, Clark, Hamlin, Spink
    • Representative Greenfield – Clark – Republican
      • Commerce and Energy Committee
      • Taxation Committee Chair
      • Prime sponsor of 14 bills, Including one to deal with “navigators” setup up on the Affordable Care Act
    • Representative Tulson – Lake Norden – Republican
      • Education Committee
      • Local Government Committee
      • Prime sponsor of 2 bills, both having to do with townships.
    • Senator Welke – Warner – Democrat
      • Education Committee
      • Retirement Laws Committee
      • Taxation Committee
      • Prime Sponsor of 11 bills, including SB 131, which gained a lot of attention from homeschoolers. Also one to require certain legislative meetings to open to the public. And one bill to expand Medicaid eligibility as part of ACA.
  • District 3 – Brown
    • Representative Kaiser – Aberdeen – Republican
    • Representative Novstrup (David) – Aberdeen, – Republican
      • State Affairs Committee
      • Taxation Committee
      • Prime sponsor of 1 bill that would provide a pay raise for legislators.
    • Senator Novstrup (Al) – Aberdeen – Republican
      • Appropriations Committee
      • Legislative Procedure Committee Vice-Chair
      • Prime sponsor of 13 bills, including an interesting one to limit the fees government entities can charge for providing public records.
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