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South Dakota 2014 Legislature: Senate Bills signed into law so far

February 23, 2014

nicubunu_ScrollEarlier I did a post looking at the South Dakota House Bills passed into law so far this legislative session. This post looks at the Senate bills that have passed both houses and signed into law by Governor Daugaard. Here is my take on each of the Senate bills passed into law so far this year.

  • SB30 – Purpose: provide for the definition of an advanced practice registered nurse, to remove certification as a function of the Board of Nursing in issuing a license to a certified registered nurse anesthetist, and to change the nurses’ education loan assistance program to a scholarship program.
    This seems mostly be a cleanup bill. It also seems to clarify the current law for those going into nursing.
  • SB34 Purpose: revise certain provisions concerning applications for absentee ballot and to declare an emergency.
    This is a bill that sounds good, but has a potential huge problems with it. It expands the ability of  services member to perform electronic voting. Rep Latterell pointed out how often government websites and databases are hacked into. Do we really want to open our election system to potential hacking? The security risks involved don’t seem to outweigh the benefits gained at this time.
  • SB35 – Purpose: revise the conditions for which certain elections may be delayed for an emergency situation and to declare an emergency.
    This bill provided more guidance to local elections in emergency situations, such as blizzards. Rep Russel voted Nay on the house floor. I’m not seeing any reason to oppose this one, it seemed to be asked for by local municipalities.
  • SB56 – Purpose: revise certain provisions regarding auditing standards used by the Department of Revenue.
    This bill makes a couple of language corrections and updates the auditing standards used to a newer version. Just a basic cleanup bill.
  • SB57 – Purpose: repeal certain provisions regarding the regulation of the trading stamp business.
    This is an area I didn’t realize needed a license. It’s good to see the legislature remove a whole section of unnecessary code.
  • SB58 – Purpose: provide for permits to be issued for certain harvest vehicles.
    This changes the stickers used by DOT to a paper permit for certain harvest vehicles. This will allow the state to save money and potentially streamline the process for those getting the permit. This looks like a good law change.
  • SB80 – Purpose: provide a credit to homebuilt aircraft for sales and use taxes when paying the aircraft registration tax and to make a reimbursement to the aeronautics fund for the amount of the credit granted.
    This seems to be a good law. It says the sales and use taxes paid out in construction of a homemade aircraft shall be applied when paying the aircraft registration tax. That eliminates double taxation.

The Senate bills passed into law so far are really aimed at cleanups and clarifying current law. Hopefully this trend will continue as session continues. Like I said with the House bills, any time the legislature ‘takes action’ it has the potential to reduce liberty. I hope we can go the whole session with minimal losses of liberty!

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