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South Dakota 2014 Legislature: Bills signed into law on Feb 25

February 25, 2014

nicubunu_ScrollToday Governor Daugaard signed more bills into law that came from the South Dakota 2014 legislature. Below is a list of the bills signed into law and any thoughts I have about them. I am happy to see there aren’t any ‘big’ laws signed into law this time. The less our government does, the better it is for liberty.

HB 1056An Act to repeal certain provisions regarding the taxation, the licensing and the regulation of motor vehicles.
This cleanup bill seemed to get rid of a lot of old codified law. Good to see.

HB 1059An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the exemption of mass transit motor vehicles from licensing and registration fees and the motor vehicle excise tax.
Most of this bill appears to be dealing with mass transit vehicles that are owned/operated by government agencies. It appears to clarify how the exemption to this tax works with those government agencies.

HB 1060An Act to revise certain provisions regarding military specialty plates.
This section simplifies the definitions and procedures for the military specialty plates (there are 16 available).

HB 1084An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the list of persons who may be excluded from a licensed gaming establishment and to provide a penalty for a violation of the exclusion.
This is an expansion of a current law that I don’t really like. Basically a list is kept of certain people the government does not want in gaming establishments. This bill expands that list and provides a penalty for gaming establishments that ‘knowingly’ allows one of the ‘bad’ people in their establishment. I don’t think government intervention is need here. If casinos want certain people kept out let it be up to them to handle it.

HB 1092An Act to require that crematories be under the direction of licensed funeral establishments and funeral directors.
This was an odd one. It doesn’t address any problems currently in South Dakota, or any perceived to a problem in the future. This law seems to be leaning on the side of over-regulation for no reason at all.

SB 61An Act to revise certain provisions regarding organization, first responder and organ donor emblem specialty plates for motor vehicles.
This seems to make some good changes. Not really a law that interests me though…

SB 95An Act to revise certain vehicle dealer licensing provisions.
This one seems to be code cleanup and clarification

SB 138An Act to revise certain provisions relating to title-based escheatment of abandoned United States savings bonds and the proceeds thereof.
Another bill that seems to clarify current codified law. 

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