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Who currently owns the biggest share of US national debt

May 1, 2014

Political Calculations has released a spring 2014 chart showing the sources that own the US Government debt. I think this chart is important because I often hear people talk about the national debt without actually understand who that debt is owed to.

Here is the chart released for Spring 2014:


Chart source Political Calculations

For a comparison here is the Summer 2013 chart provided by Political Calculations:

Chart source Political Calculations

Chart source Political Calculations

A few areas to take note of:

  • Almost 14% of the debt is owed to the Federal Reserve; which is up from 12% a year ago). The Federal Reserve a private bank the United States that has been tasked by Congress to create our money and set monetary policy. Anyone opposed to ‘the rich getting richer’ should look into this and follow the money…….
  • The 15% owed to the Social Security Trust Fund is probably one of the most misunderstood creditors on the list. It’s a long/complex issue, but basically any income coming to the Social Security Trust Fund that exceed expenses must be loaned to the US Treasury for use in the General Fund. Then by law the US Treasury must pay that back with interest. This system has caused a lot of confusion and mistaken talking points for people of all political persuasions.
  • The percentage of debt owed to China (and Hong Kong) has dropped slightly. I mention this because the amount of US debt owned by China is a talking point often used in politics. If people are going to use China as an example they might as well understand how much debt they are actually talking about.l

There is not much more I have to say on the subject currently. I just thought it would be good if more people actually seen who the US Government (which represents “We the People”) actually owes money to.

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    Two reblogs from SoDak today! Awesome graph of how the U.S. government is destroying the economy. Note how EVEN THOUGH THEY TAKE MORE MONEY FROM CITIZENS IN EACH PAYCHECK, THE LARGEST PORTION OF DEBT IS TO U.S. CITIZENS. Explain that shit!

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