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Looking at SD voter registration trends for the last five years

May 2, 2014

I was looking at voter registration totals on the SD SOS website and thought I would share some of the trends I am seeing in the numbers. None of this is likely to be “new” to anyone, but it is interesting to actually see the trends in a chart form.

Here is a chart showing voter registrations over the five years. The “Other” category includes Independent, Libertarian, Constitution, and AE registered voters.


Some trends to take note of in this first chart:

  • The “Other” category has continually grown. It is still smaller than the other two groups, but that could change with the right catalyst.
  • The Democrats have steadily lost ground. I feel that has less to do with the ineffectiveness of the SDDP; and more to do with SD Democrats being disenfranchised with DC status quo Democrat politicians. (although it could be argued the lack of steady leadership and continual hope for the return of Herseth is holding the SDDP back).
  • The Republicans have been stalled out. They aren’t losing numbers like the Democrats, but at the same time they are unable to grow their party. Just as with the Democrats, I don’t feel this is a result of anything the SDGOP is doing; it has more to do with voters being disenfranchised by DC Republican status quo politicians.
  • The voter purge last October definitely hurt the Republicans and Democrats more than it did the “Other” category.

Here is the trendline of the same chart shown above:


The trends I noted above are even more apparent when looking at the actual trendlines in this second chart. Both of the two big parties should be taking note; especially after the dust settles from the 2014 election. I could foresee the 2014 mid-term election causing certain groups of people to flock away from the two big parties even faster than they are now. That may lead to a truly interesting 2016 election!

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