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Common Core event in Eureka this Saturday

May 5, 2014
Eureka, SD in relation to Aberdeen, SD

Eureka, SD in relation to Aberdeen, SD

This upcoming Saturday, May 10, there will be a Common Core event in Eureka titled “Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education”. The event will include a presentation from Dr. Duke Pesta, who is the FreedomProject Education Academic Directory. This event looks like a good opportunity to learn more about the dangers of Common Core. The South Dakotans Against Common Core group has created a Facebook event page. The flier for this event is included at the end of this post (or you can download the pdf here).

Here are a couple of tidbits about the FreedomProject Education group from their about page:

Rooted firmly in Judeo-Christian values, FPE’s live, online school offers a complete classical education for students from Kindergarten through High School, free from public school spin and Common Core indoctrination.

FPE offers an education similar to that received by America’s Founding Fathers, promoting liberty, citizenship, and independent thinking. Elementary students (kindergarten through fifth grade) are offered complete grade packages, while Middle and High School students have the option of taking individual classes or enrolling as a full-time student.

I think it would be worth it for anyone to make the drive to Eureka to attend. Eureka is W-NW of Aberdeen; about 1 1/2 hour drive.

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