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A visual aid to understand where Bill Gates used his money to implement Common Core nationwide

May 15, 2014

Any discussion of Common Core has to involve the massive amounts of money that are involved. Common Core is a story that involves corporations such as Pearson that are looking to make millions (billions?) of dollars from the new education standards. But that is a post for a different day. Today is a short post about one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, who has funded the implementation of Common Core as a huge nationwide experiment in education.

Last fall Mercedes Schneider created a series of blog posts that showed exactly how much money Bill Gates has used to implement Common Core. This is both directly and indirectly through his foundation the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  There is a massive amount of information to absorb in the posts by Schneider. Luckily Erin Osborn released a visualization of the information from Schneider’s posts. I have included the chart created by Osborn at the end of this post.

For those that don’t mind actually sifting through the data (and there is a lot of it), here are the links to each of Schneider’s original posts and a total of how much Gates spent in each of these areas. To keep things simple I used the titles used in Osborn’s chart.

When added up it comes to a total of $282,386,373 that Bill Gates has used to implement Common Core across the nation. I have no problem with anyone spending their money. But I do have a problem with that money being taken and used dishonestly by public institutions; which makes it appear our education system is up for sale. The many businesses and lobby groups on the list are merely middle-men making a few bucks off the sale of the US Education System.

My point in highlighting the money spent by Gates is not to demonize him or money. Instead it is to show where much of the money used to create Common Core came from. Many proponents of Common Core still falsly attribute the creation of Common Core to the State Governors. No, the Governors didn’t create Common Core, but their organization (NGA) definitely got paid well to promote it! So, now I would ask proponents of Common Core one thing: “If the Governors have been dishonest about how Common Core was created, can we trust anything they say about Common Core?”

Bonus Question: Do we want to trust the future of American Education on the mastermind who brought us Windows, and thus also brought us the Blue Screen of Death?



Click on Image to make it bigger – Chart created by Erin Osborne http://honestpracticum.com/

  1. May 16, 2014 at 7:54 am

    Ken, we have a perfect opportunity to get rid of this debacle. If the South Dakotans Against Common Core would come out and endorse Lora Hubbel in the primary that would help their cause and shine a brighter light and expose the facts on CC. CC. would be gone if she is elected Governor. STOP COMMON CORE IN NORTH DAKOTA is endorsing Lora. They have a very interesting fb page and the ND media exposes it unlike the timid SD media.

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