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Musical Interlude on Primary Election day

June 3, 2014

Today is the Primary Election in South Dakota. I think I’ve posted enough on all of the candidates I care to for the primary. So I thought it would be a good time for a musical interlude with some favorite novelty songs I feel are appropriate on election day.

This first number goes back to the 1940’s and is take on William Tell Overture by Spike Jones & the City Slickers. Perhaps the end of this song holds the key as to who will win tonight.

And now for a number from Little Roger & The Goosebumps. This song is basically the Gilligan’s Island theme song done Led Zeppelin style. It feels like the primaries have gone on forever! a three-hour tour indeed……..

I guess its time to include a song about a social issue that the great Freddie Blassie led the charge against.

And finally, this song pretty much sums up how dealing with politicians impacts the average person. This number was recorded by Napoleon XIV.

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