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SD Highway Needs Subgroup meetings this month

July 1, 2014
SD Senator Vehle speaking at the Ag Summit in Deadwood

SD Senator Vehle speaking at the Ag Summit in Deadwood

There will be a series of public meetings for the SD Legislatures Highway Needs subgroup. These meetings were mentioned last week at the SD Governor’s Agricultural Summit. The session of the summit focusing on Transportation was little more than a sales pitch for Senator Vehle to raise taxes (post forthcoming on the whole event later this week). To make sure the Transportation Needs committee hears from constituents it is important to attend one of these meetings. In fact these meetings have only one agenda item:

Public Testimony

Problems and Solutions concerning State and Local Highways, Roads, and Bridges

It is imperative that anyone who cares about transportation attend these meetings and share their stories; and offer solutions if they have any. During the Ag Summit Senator Vehle said solutions other than tax raises were being looked at, but he wouldn’t elaborate on them. Instead he (and the other panelists) seemed to think raising taxes would fix our transportation issues in South Dakota.

Here are the meetings that are scheduled:

  • 7/1/14 – 11:00 AM – Yankton – Regional Technical Education Center – Agenda (this one starts in less than an hour from writing this post, should have written this post earlier)
  • 7/1/14 – 4:00 PM – Sioux Falls – SETI, Sullivan Health Center, 2nd Floor – Agenda
  • 7/2/14 – 11:00 AM – Watertown – LATI, Student Services Center, Level 4 – Agenda
  • 7/2/14 – 4:00 PM – Aberdeen – Ramada Conference Center – Agenda
  • 7/23/14 – 11:00 AM – Belle Fourche – Community Center
  • 7/23/14 – 4:00 PM – Rapid City – SM&T, Classroom Building, Technology Ct.

I tentatively plan to attend the Aberdeen meeting tomorrow and hope to see a good attendance. This is one of those times for constituents to make themselves be heard!

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