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Young adults are not in as bad of shape as the media has led us to believe

July 6, 2014

For the last few years it seems the mainstream media loves to report that Millenials will never leave the house. This is nothing new. It always seems to be the way of society to show how the young generations are more lazy or ‘just not as good’ as the older generations. Luckily Pew research has provided some numbers to show this hype about Millenials is just that: hype.

To see what is happening with these Millenials see the chart below:

Chart Source: Pew Research

Chart Source: Pew Research

Yes, the “Not living at home” category has gone down over the last few years. But more importantly the “In college, living at home” has greatly increased. The reason this distinction is important is because the data often touted by mainstream media to “show’ millenials are continuing to live at home comes from Census data. As Derek Thompson of The Atlantic points out, the Census data counts young adults in college as “living at home’. This despite the fact most of these students are actually living in a dorm or other means near campus.The ‘Not in college, living at home’ has remained fairly even over the years. No, millenials are staying home after high school, just more of them are choosing to enter college.

Does that mean the millenials are in great shape? Not necessarily. This new data doesn’t actually prove anything. I’m passing on this data more to dispute a common theme of the mainstream media more that to actually prove anything. The increase of millenials in college will likely exasperate the student-loan debt that has already been getting out of control thanks to federal intervention in higher education financing. No matter what I have hope the millenials as a generation will learn to avoid the mistakes the Bush/Obama years. They certainly are becoming educated enough to do so.

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