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SD Libertarian State Convention to be held in Sioux Falls on August 9th

July 13, 2014

sdlpThere is great news for people looking for alternatives on the ballot this fall. The South Dakota Libertarian Party will be holding its state convention in Sioux Falls on Saturday, August 9, in Sioux Falls. RSVP via the Facebook Event or e-mail Bob Newland at newland@rapidcity.com to register to attend. I would urge anyone with libertarian tendencies to attend the convention and become a part of the process. The party will be voting on nominations for the following constitutional offices:

  • Secretary of State – This office already has three people on the ballot: Shantel Krebs (R), Lori Stacey (C), and Angelia Schultz (D). Normally I would say Libertarians should focus on other races. But Emmett Reistroffer of Sioux Falls has shown interest in this race. His experience with elections may make his a great candidate for this race.
  • State Auditor – Currently Steve Barnett is unopposed in this position. I found it odd the Democrats would fail to run someone for this office. Yes, Schultz had originally looked at this office and instead switched to the SOS race (which I feel was a good move). But the Dems should really have found someone to fill this position on the ballot. I guess its up to the Libertarian Party this time. A good case could be made this position should be outside of the ruling party.
  • Commissioner of School & Public Lands – Currently Deputy Commissioner Brunner is unopposed in this race. I actually like Brunner in this race, but I hate the fact he is unopposed. It just feels wrong to have a free pass. Hopefully the Libertarians can find someone to run against him.
  • Attorney General – Reistroffer is looking for an attorney to run against Jackley. I’ll do a full post on this later in the week.  But to sum up the post I plan: Jackley needs opposition in this race, and that opposition cannot be someone doing so for political opportunism or as a publicity stunt.

Hopefully the Libertarian Party will be able to fill all of the above positions. It will obviously be an uphill battle for any of the candidates. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t’ be tried. Who knows, by having candidates in more constitutional offices than the Democrats it may actually show the Libertarian Party has more of a chance in South Dakota than the Dems.

I plan to attend the Convention and hope to see a good crowd there!

Here is the information about the State Convention posted on the Facebook Event:

You’re invited to the South Dakota Libertarian Party State Convention! Join us for this exciting opportunity to nominate candidates and discuss liberty in the Rushmore state. Our convention will be at the downtown main library in Sioux Falls on August 9th at 10am (200 N. Dakota Ave)

RSVP on this page or e-mail Bob Newland at newland@rapidcity.com to register to attend.

Anyone who is a registered Libertarian voter in South Dakota or who is a member of the U.S. Libertarian national party is an eligible voting member of the SDLP. You may register to vote at the convention.

*Speakers and an official schedule will be released soon.*

We will be voting on nominations for the constitutional offices in this yea’s election on November 8th.
The offices are:

– Secretary of State
– State Auditor
– Attorney General
– Commissioner of School & Public Lands

We may also vote to elect a party chair, vice-chair as well as executive board members, and to add amendments, resolutions, and/or revisions to our party by-laws.

*If you’re interested in running for office, please contact a party leader (Samuel Saunders or Bob Newland) listed at SoDakLP.org

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