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Republican meet and greet with Rounds in Aberdeen today

August 4, 2014

roundsaberdeenmgThis evening there is a Meet & Greet in Aberdeen celebrating the opening of the Brown County Republican Volunteer Center. Here are the details from the events invitation:

When: Monday, August 4

Where: 1205 6th Ave SW, Aberdeen

Time: stop by any time between 5:30-7:00pm


Join Mike Rounds, State Auditor Steve Barnett, Secretary of State Candidate, Shantel Krebs, State Senator Al Novstrup and State Rep. David Novstrup at the Meet and Greet.  Hot dogs and Hamburgers will be grilled.

The Grassroots Express will be coming along with a sno-cone machine.

Bring the entire family for a great time.

This is actually a pretty good chance to meet some candidates. Here is a rundown of the confirmed candidates in attendance:

  • Mike Rounds – US Senate Race – Rounds is the expected winner of the US Senate seat this fall. He has an incumbent-like advantage in this race.
  • Steve Barnett – SD State Auditor race – Barnett is a well-liked politician from the Aberdeen area. Currently he is unopposed in his re-election bid. There may be a candidate running against him after the Libertarian Party state convention this Saturday. But even if someone does run against him it will be a tough battle. Steve is well-liked and hasn’t seemed to do anything wrong on his job.
  • Shantel Krebs – SD Secretary of State race – Krebs is looking to replace current SOS Gant in Pierre this fall. She has experience as a legislator and business owner. With her experience, energizer-bunny intensity, and Republican label she will be tough to beat this year. Local Democrat Angelia Schultz can maybe give her a battle if she can find the financial support within the SDDP to run a true campaign. Lori Stacey of the Constitution Party is hoping the voters will look her way this year. And finally the Libertarian Party will likely choose Emmett Reistroffer to run for this office. So far I think only Schultz will give Krebs a good battle. Part of me fears Stacey and Reisroffer will focus purely on election issues. Election issues are important, but they are not the only aspect of the SOS office.
  • Al Novstrup – District 3 State Representative Race  – Al is switching from State Senate to the State House; which will allow David to continue his tenure in Pierre. Local Democrat Burt Elliott is in the race this year. It is expected Elliott will take a lot of votes. That means Al Novstrup and the other Republican Dan Kaiser are going to have to work hard to keep both seats in their party. Right now I give Novstrup an advantage over Elliott and Kaiser, but the election is still a long way away…  The fourth person in this race, Democrat Pat Hale, is unlikely to have any true impact.
  • David Novstrup – District 3 State Senate race – David was term-limited in the House so will try for the District 3 Senate Seat. He is running against city council member Mark Remily. This is a race the Democrats really want to win. I can see the SDDP giving financial support to Remily in this race if they have enough faith in him (and if they can find money).

I’ll be there this evening to speak with the candidates. Have I said before how happy I am to be a political geek in South Dakota? I’ve lived in states where it is almost impossible to meet candidates without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a plate of food. Even the candidates I write blog posts against have been gracious and are always willing to speak with me. South Dakota is truly a great state. Not once have I regretted moving back here.

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