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Three Independent candidates will be guest speakers at the SD Libertarian Party Convention

August 7, 2014

sdlpThe South Dakota Libertarian Party State Convention is coming up this Saturday, August 9, in Sioux Falls. The tentative agenda for the convention and details can be found on this Facebook event. In this post I thought it would be worthwhile to mention the three guest speakers for the event. All three guest speakers are running as Independent candidates and have various perspectives. The guests announced on the SDLP event page are: gubernatorial candidate Mike Myers, District 15 House candidate Eric Leggett, and US Senate candidate Larry Pressler. It is an interesting mix of speakers.

I’ve written about Independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Myers a number of times. One thing I really like about Myers is his almost libertarian-like approach to issues. I hope he will focus on the current ballot access lawsuit he has initiated against the Secretary of State office. Independent candidates share the same problems of ballot access as do other non-status-quo parties such as the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. Libertarians should be supporting Myers in his pursuit of ballot access equality. Plus if he can keep focused the convention audience may be able to hear about some of his libertarian-leaning ideas. From my perspective Myers is by far the best choice of the three candidates in the gubernatorial race. Daugaard is the current Republican incumbent that makes the case for a more libertarian governor. And the Democrat candidate? Well, Susan is unlikely to get any votes beyond those that would vote for only a Democrat anyway…

The District 15 Independent House candidate, Eric Leggett, is someone I’ve been looking forward to meeting. I’ve heard from more than a few people he is one to watch if he makes it to Pierre. As a newcomer to politics it will be interesting to hear his perspective about running as an Independent candidate. The other two candidates in the District 15 House race, Kirschman and Soli, are both Democrats. Libertarians might do well to support Legget if he proves to have enough libertarian stances.  But I’ll wait until I meet him to determine if the good words I’ve heard about him live up to reality.

Finally Independent US Senate candidate Larry Pressler has just been confirmed as a guest speaker. Honestly I think Pressler is an odd choice for guest speaker. I don’t see where he fits in with libertarianism very well. But as a political blogger I am happy to finally get the chance to hear Pressler speak in person. So if nothing else it will be worth it for me personally; even if I can’t see what he can offer the Libertarian Party…

I hope to do blog posts detailing what each guest speaker had to say. Somehow I feel at least two of these speakers will be very interesting indeed. The SD Libertarian Party state convention may actually have more news coming out of it than the Republican and Democrat conventions had.

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