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Remy has some ideas for the TSA

August 11, 2014

Last month the TSA announced a contest offering prizes to those with the best ideas to speed up the TSA checkpoints in airports. The deadline for the contest is August 15, so if you have ideas to submit there is only a few days left! The total of all prizes awarded will be $15,000, with $5,000 of that being the grand prize.

There are so many ideas that come to mind about speeding up the process that its hard to focus on a few. So I’ll just let comedian Remy take a stab at some good starter ideas:

Some other thoughts I have about making the line go faster:

  • Don’t make people take their shoes off. This can also be seen as a change being done for the public good since a lot of people suffer bromhidrosis in the foot area (any Zappa fans out there).
  • Placing all electronic devices through the x-ray machine is just a waste of time. Now with the new requirements to power the devices on it becomes even more of a time killer. Its time for the TSA to realize in the modern world there are a lot of electronic devices. Just because someone has an Iphone or laptop it doesn’t mean they are a potential terrorist.
  • Most importantly! Maybe if someone at the TSA would do even a cursory reading of the Bill of Rights they would realize the whole way security lines are done is unconstitutional and an invasion of personal rights. But I won’t hold my breath on that one…

I doubt the TSA will listen to any of the ideas presented by Remy or myself. Somehow I feel they are looking to get some PR showing they are trying to speed up lines; and really don’t care about speeding the lines up….

Here are a few more selections of Remy taking on the TSA:

This first one gives a general overview of the TSA in a happy musical way.

Yes, its August. But I think its ok to play a couple of Christmas songs. The first song has grandma being detained by the TSA. The second song has TSA dealing with Santa Clause. Good holiday songs.



This last number put another view on why TSA lines are bad:

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