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SD Constitution Party SOS candidate Lori Stacey at the Alt Candidate Forum

August 27, 2014
Constitution Party SD SOS candidate Lori Stacey speaking at the Alternative Candidate Forum. Photo by Ken Santema

Constitution Party SD SOS candidate Lori Stacey speaking at the Alternative Candidate Forum. Photo by Ken Santema

On Saturday, August 23, there was an Alternative Candidates Forum held in Sioux Falls. Constitution Party State Chair Lori Stacy not only setup the event, she was also there as a candidate. This fall she will be on the ballot going for Secretary of State (SOS) against Libertarian Emmett Reistroffer, Republican Shantel Krebs, and Democrat Angelia Schultz. Stacey was on the ballot in 2010 against Republican Jason Gant and Democrat Ben Nesselhuf. In that election Stacey received just under 20,000 votes.

Stacey started out by mentioning her 2010 run for SOS. At that time Stacey said she was trying to bring attention to voter fraud issues that have run rampant in almost all states. She feels some success was gained then bringing attention to the election system. Specifically she questioned whether using computers to handle votes was not a good situation. Stacey noted computers can be hacked, have viruses, or just have general problems. There were leading experts that Stacey spoke to and heard them saying there are concerns with the use of computers in elections.

This time around Stacey says she is in the race to win. In order to win this election Stacey has outlined eight key points in her strategy to win the SOS race. Stacey called this her “wishlist of how things should be in South Dakota elections”.

First, Stacey said that no voters should have to travel unreasonable distances when voting. Stacey said it is important for all South Dakota residents to have easy access to voting.

The second point is one Stacey spent a lot of time on. Stacey would “restore the peoples legal and natural right to recall any elected official in South Dakota, according this power that has been affirmed in the Declaration of Independence”. Stacey asked why there is a state statute that prevents elected officials in South Dakota from being recalled. She said no legislation is needed for this change, because it technically is already a right of the people to recall elected officials. Instead she says the legislature needs to create the process for recall and make sure it won’t be abused for things such as partisan politics. I agree with Stacey on this point. The right to recall elected officials is important. No matter what happens in the SOS race I hope a legislative task-force focusing on election law in South Dakota will look at Stacey’s idea.

Third, Stacey says ballot access in South Dakota is the most restrictive in the United States [Stacey clarifies this statement in the comments below]. Stacey says South Dakota is one of only five states that doesn’t allow write-ins for candidates. I agree with her on this. I do wish she would have also gone into detail about the petition requirements for third-party and independent candidates. It is another area of ballot access that South Dakota is horrible on.

Fourth, Stacey says that all ballots should be counted by hand in view of the public. Then, before any ballot box can be removed from a precinct it must be tallied and reported. Stacey says this would prevent any issues that come about with the current secretive system.

Fifth, Stacey stated that no candidate should be placed on a ballot unless they are constitutionally eligible for office. Stacey lost me on this one. She made the claim that most people think the current President shouldn’t be there because he didn’t show proof of his birth, therefore he could not be said to be constitutionally eligible. Personally I think this is an issue Stacey should have stayed away from.

Sixth, Stacey says there should be no restrictions on the right to carry firearms in South Dakota. Stacey said the SOS should not be signing off on concealed carry permits because it is unconstitutional. She is correct that concealed carry permits do come through the SOS office for approval. But an SOS not approving those permits doesn’t change state law. This is an issue Stacey would have to work with the legislature to change current codified law.

Seventh, Stacey said residents of South Dakota have the right to vote without exception. She did note that South Dakota is much better than other states in preventing votes. Stacey talked about felons out there that have been told they do not have the right to vote. She also mentioned previous SOS Chris Nelson losing a court case where the SOS office must work hard to make sure felons understand the true SD law. Stacey is proposing to go further and make sure anyone can always vote. She says that is the most basic right of US citizens. Actually I think any of the SOS candidates should pick up on part of Stacey’s point here. There is a lot of misinformation out there about who can and can’t vote, especially for felons. A good SOS needs to make sure such information is part of any public education initiative.

Finally, in point eight Stacey says there needs to be an anonymous tip line for the press in South Dakota. This would allow the press to report when they are being censored when covering candidates. She notes there are some good reporters in South Dakota, but questions whether all of their stories actually see the light of day. Stacey mentioned the lack of coverage for third-party and independent candidates is partially proof of this. I’m not sure I agree completely with here. I think there are more reasons than media corruption that third-party candidates don’t get coverage. A big part of it in has to do with the overall collapse of mainstream media in the modern world. As SOS, Stacey said she would take any of those anonymous tips and would as SOS inform the public of violations. This is a tough one. I’m not sure if she will get a lot of support on this last point.

Overall I think Stacey had some interesting ideas in reforming the election portion of the SOS office. Most notably I think her right of recall talking point should be interesting if it comes up in the planned SOS debate in October. I am going to have to give Stacey an overall failing grade on her priorities however. It is understandable that the election process is important to her, and all the people of South Dakota. But she failed to even mention the business filings portion of the job, which has just as many (if not more) problems than the election side of things. I believe Reistroffer and Krebs will simply trample over her (in a respectful way) in the upcoming debate if she doesn’t have something business filing related in her issues by that time.

No matter what though I am happy to see Stacey in this race. It is always good to have alternatives in all elections. Her focus only on the election part of the office may be more important to many voters than anything on the business side of the office. It will be interesting to see the results of the SOS race this fall.

  1. August 27, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    Ken, You made a HUGE mistake about concealed carry. I believe in NO restrictions on our right to carry firearms. You forgot the “NO” and instead wrote that I believe IN restrictions. I would appreciate an immediate correction as that is a HUGE error!!!

    • August 28, 2014 at 8:05 am

      Fixed, that’s the problem with having no editor. Stuff like that is missed.

  2. August 28, 2014 at 12:25 am

    Ken, You also misquoted me on SD “being the most restrictive”. There are other states worse in some ways and better in others. I said it is one of the most and used the example of not being able to have write-ins.

    • August 28, 2014 at 8:13 am

      Lori, I’ll add a note in the post saying to see your comment. But I think how I summarized your stance was pretty spot on. I just listened to the audio again to confirm what was said. Here are the statements in question: “Also very critical is opening up ballot access to South Dakotans serious about serving we the people. We have huge problems in South Dakota. If you research our ballot access history, we are the most restrictive in the country, in South Dakota”.

  3. August 31, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Regarding point 8. I would never reveal the actual violations and I thought I made that clear. I know I said that nobody would ever even know the type of media source. If, for instance, candidate A keeps not getting coverage printed or mentioned then I would as Secretary of State issue a statement that candidate A is indeed running for a particular office.

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