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The Kronies adds a new team member: General Surgeon!

September 9, 2014

A couple months ago I noted the new online cartoon series “The Kronies”. This super-powered team of cronies has now added a team-member that will be difficult for any free-market loving individual to defeat: General Surgeon! Here is the introduction video for General Surgeon and the power he wields in the healthcare industry:

Here is the backstory on General Surgeon:

General Surgeon isn’t just the team medic, he’s Big G’s own Doctor Feelgood. Combining Krony powers from every healthcare sector, he’s four Kronies in one! His hermetically sealed helmet glows green with the steady, life-sustaining drip of G-Force. This K-Street veteran has the prescription for catastrophic plans: A federal mandate. General Surgeon’s central plan has you covered…for life!

A warrior, a healer, a crony. During WWII, Colonel Pierce Healy, M.D. was Big G’s private valet. He swiftly rose in the ranks to become head of Veterans Affairs during the Vietnam War, and eventually a key Senatorial vote during the passage of Medicare Part D. For decades he passed through the revolving doors between the Senate Chamber and K-Street, until the day he gave it all for Affordable Care Act…the day he became General Surgeon.

Also don’t miss this new commercial for Kaptain Kornies Cereal:

Actually, this commercial really isn’t so funny after thinking about how true it is….

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