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Obama’s war drum is troubling

September 10, 2014

IMPERIALISM_means_warI just got done watching President Obama’s remarks about ISIL. This will be a short post, there will be plenty of time for more in-depth posts. While addressing the nation he basically set out his strategy to Degrade and Destroy ISIL (he has his own catch phrase like “shock and awe”, remember that one?). Basically he wanted to let it be known he will be working with a coalition of countries to accomplish his goals.

To meet those goals he has ordered air strikes against ISIL a month ago. He also noted troops will be sent, but they won’t be involved in the fight? Does anyone truly believe that any boots on the ground in Iraq would be kept out of the battle? Similar political lines have been used by more than one President…

A very troubling part of Obama’s speech was to commit to chasing ISIL everywhere. He made it sound unilateral and as if he doesn’t care what country he has to bomb. Does that mean that the Obama administration will continue to bomb people (many of whom are innocent) in other countries with unmanned drones? This move by Obama cannot be called “Bushes fault”. This is a war Obama is going to have to own.

Another troubling talking point from Obama was that he “welcomes support” from Congress. But then goes on to say he does not require authority from Congress to act. The Obama administration over the years has said the other side is unwilling to meet half way on anything. It is hard to meet half way with a President that believes he can do anything he wants without Congressional authority.

Finally, I have a question for many of those on the left that I marched alongside protesting GW Bush’s war in Iraq. Will you continue to stand up for your beliefs against war? Or will you continue to believe what Obama says?

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