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District 2 Republican State House candidate Lana Greenfield in Aberdeen

September 24, 2014
Dist 3 State Rep Dan Kaiser and Dist 2 candidate for State Rep Lana Greenfield in Aberdeen. Photo by Ken Santema.

Dist 3 State Rep Dan Kaiser and Dist 2 candidate for State Rep Lana Greenfield in Aberdeen. Photo by Ken Santema.

Since Representative Brock Greenfield decided to switch houses and run for District 2 State Senate, that left an opening for a Republican in the District 2 State House race. The person to take that place is Brock’s mother, Lana Greenfield. I met with Lana at the Brown County Republicans Reagan Lunch on September 11, which happened to have her son Brock as the guest speaker. During our conversation I focused on her priorities if elected to serve as a Representative from District 2.

Lana said her top priority is focusing on grass-roots values. She says a big part of that is fiscal responsibility. Lana comes from a family that lives within its means and expects the same of government. As part of fiscal responsibility she would work to prevent government from growing.

Along those lines, Lana mentioned many big businesses she has seen come into District 2 with handouts given by the government. Those promises tend to be broken and jobs are lost and facilities are sitting empty when these big companies abandon the area after incentives are lost. She believes small businesses should be given breaks, and not big businesses. Lana also noted that big businesses get a lot of help during disasters, yet small businesses seem to get little or no help. It should be noted that Lana is a small business owner, with a restaurant in Doland and corner convenience store in Clark. Going forward Lana should leverage that small business experience to highlight what she will in Pierre to advocate for small businesses.

Continuing with her grass-roots values, Lana noted she is a pro-life candidate. She also supports the Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment. These are pretty standard Republican stances. I really only mention them to note some other areas she sees as important grass-roots values.

We also spoke briefly about the infrastructure. Lana agrees there are a lot of bridges that need repairs and roads that need to be worked on. One thing she mentioned is that not all roads need to be resurfaced. I would tend to agree with her. I knew a few roads in the Brown County part of District 2 that don’t really seem to make sense being surfaced. Hopefully that will be one of the findings to come out of the Transportation Committee Summer Study.

I asked Lana about the shortage of teachers in the state. She noted that every state across the US has a shortage of teachers. Lana mentioned she had been a teacher for thirty-seven years and supports education. But Lana says too many people try to use education as an electable issue. Yet she notes that people running for office promising more money for education generally fail to mention where the money will come from. If possible she would like to earmark more money for teacher pay. She also noted that many of the school administrators that are promoting more teacher pay are making over $100k. Lana would like a system where the teachers negotiate pay, and not administrators. I can kind of see where Lana is coming from on that point, the highly paid administrators have nothing to gain or lose in negotiating for teacher pay.

Overall I would say Lana Greenfield is a good conservative candidate. She is definitely a contrast to her biggest competitor in this race, Democrat Natasha Noethlich. It is actually an interesting match-up. Both candidates seem quite intelligent. Lana Greenfield is focused more on small business owners, while Noethlich is focused on farmers. I think District 2 can be well-served with either candidate. Because of her conservative roots and Greenfield name I will give Lana a slight advantage in this race. But I know Noethlich has been working hard the last few months to meet with District 2 constituents. It will be interesting to see who takes the District 2 House seat this fall.

PS. I didn’t mention the other two candidates in the District 2 House race in this post. I really don’t think the incumbent Republican Burt Tulson is in trouble of losing his seat; and I don’t see Democrat challenger John Graham gaining any traction.

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