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Democrat political events in Aberdeen worth noting today and tommorow

October 16, 2014

Updated: Forgot to include Denny Pierson as an attendee for Friday’s meeting. That has been fixed.

Today and tomorrow are a pair of political events worth checking out for anyone in the Aberdeen area wishing to learn more about Democrat candidates on the ballot. Today, October 16, there is a Women’s Rally highlighting Democrat female candidates on the SD ballot. And tomorrow, Oct 17, the Brown County Democrats will have their Dollar-a-Month Club meeting with District 2 Democrat candidates and the Democrat State Treasurer candidate attendance.

Here are the details for each event:

Image sent out by the Brown County Democrats  via email.

Image sent out by the Brown County Democrats via email.

This Women’s Rally will be a good opportunity for local residents to hear from Susan Wismer, Susy Blake and Angelia Schultz. These three ladies are on the ballot this fall in very tough races. Plus I will admit to being curious as to what Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin has to say; I figured she was avoiding this election. North Dakota’s junior Senator Heidi Heitkamp will be in attendance. It will be interesting to see if Heitkamp has any advice for the SD ladies on the ballot. Heitkamp won her election by less than 1%, so she understands how important each vote is.  Finally, it should be noted that Democrat US House candidate Corinna Robinson is pictured above, but not part of the lineup of guests. Since Robinson has a US House debate on SDPB tonight, it would be quite a feat for her to attend this event as well.

Tomorrow the Brown County Democrats will be meeting at Pizza Ranch from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm as part of their monthly Dollar-a-Month club. The guest speakers are the District 2 legislative candidates Chuck Welke (Senate), Natasha Neothlich (House), and John Graham (House). District 2 is one of those races to watch. It might be worth it for anyone from District 2 to attend and hear what these candidates have to say. Also added as a last-minute guest is Denny Pierson, the Democrat candidate for State Treasurer.

I tentatively plan to attend both events. If I do attend either event I will do a post afterwards to let voters know where the above candidates stand.

  1. Individualist
    October 18, 2014 at 11:02 am

    I’d like to know your thoughts on this event if you attended.

    • October 19, 2014 at 1:25 pm

      Finally did a post on the event. I was actually surprised by the lack of media coverage for an event where Herseth Sandlin comes out of hiding.

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