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Three SD political debates on TV this week

October 22, 2014

podiumThis week there will be three SD political debates/forums being broadcast on TV over the next three days. There will be debates televised for the gubernatorial race, US Senate race, and the US House race. KELO and SDBP will be hosting them. Here are the details of each debate:

KELO SD Gubernatorial Debate – Weds Oct 22 – 8:00 pm CT

Incumbent Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard will face Democrat challenger Susan Wismer and Independent challenger Mike Myers. This will be fourth and final public debate between the three candidates (Daugaard limited debates to four in June). Previously the three have faced off at Dakotafest, the State Fair, and on SDPB. Tonight will basically be the last chance for Myers and Wismer to show why they should be governor over Daugaard.

SDPB US Senate Debate – Thurs Oct 23 – 8:00 pm CT

The US Senate debate on SDPB might be interesting to watch. It will be interesting to see if Larry Pressler (I), Gordon Howie (I), and Rick Weiland (D) continue to pound Mike Rounds (R) about EB-5. I’ve blogged previously about these four debating at Dakotafest and the State Fair. This is not the final debate between the four. On Weds, Oct 29, there will be a televised KELO debate for the US Senate candidates.

KELO US House Debate – Fri Oct 24 – 7:00 pm CT

Just last week the incumbent Representative Kristi Noem (R) faced off against Corinna Robinson. That was a pretty lackluster debate, yet it was somehow an improvement over the Dakotafest debate. I wouldn’t expect too much from this one either. Robinson would have to do something pretty dramatic in her KELO debate with Noem to turn the tide of this election.

My schedule this week is pretty busy, so I may not actually follow all of the debates. But for anyone that has yet to hear from the candidates I would recommend watching them.


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